Luminosity are on fire.

Luminosity put in their best performance of the Split, grabbing a big win in the ALGS Pro League. LG have performed well across the Split so far, but found an extra gear today.

They were in strong positions in every single game, but were especially strong on Worlds Edge. Luminosity have put themselves in a great position to qualify for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, needing only a few more points to be totally sure of their spot. Their 90 point total is tied with DarkZero in Split 1 for the highest points total in a game day this year of ALGS in North America.

LG next compete in tomorrows ALGS lobby, and will look to continue to build momentum ahead of the mid season meta shift.

Luminosity find their best in the ALGS

It was a really impressive performance from Luminosity. The side sat in a strong position before the days games, in 4th with a game in hand on 1st, 2nd and 3rd. While Falcons have opened up a huge lead, Luminosity are competing amongst a handful of teams for second place in the North America region.

Wherever Sweet is, pressure follows. The Apex veteran IGL is rightfully considered one of the best players in the world, but really needs a big win to silence the doubters who question his credentials.

The addition of Sikezz was an underdiscussed pickup for the LG roster. Sweet and Sikezz have pre-existing chemistry, with Sweet being one of the first to help elevate Sikezz in the competitive scene in the controversial Samsung 100k invitational back in 2021. He perfectly fits what LG needed to round out this roster.

On paper this is a truly fierce roster, Fuhhnq is one of the best and brightest up and coming talent. Sweet is one of the best IGLs in the game, and is in his element with the new ALGS POI Draft system. Sikezz, with a little bit of a score to settle, has one of the most consistent LAN records and is a former ALGS Pro League champion.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

In particular, Sweet has really stepped up his game. His IGLing is as confident as ever, and his mechanics are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were during his time on NRG. Any questions about a "lack of passion" have been totally eliminated. Sweet is putting hours into the game in R5 and scrims.

Huge Sentinel play from LG Sweet

Perhaps one of the biggest brain plays that came out of the IGL was a simple change of weapon. Realising several teams were set to fight on the edge, and that teammate Sikezz had a 4-10x scope and a Sentinel, Sweet asked to swap weapons ahead of zone close.

He instantly set to dealing huge damage with the weapon. He grabbed 2 kills and an assist all in a 30 second window.

Snagging these extra kills is what helps turn a good win into a big win. Luminosity dropped a huge 17 kills in this fourth game, earning 29 points.

Luminosity grab back to back ALGS game wins

The confidence that game four win gave Luminosity was clear to see. They followed up their win with another, controlling a huge amount of space in Overlook. Sweet made an excellent solo play to zip across over the train tracks, griefing several teams. He wasn't able to grab a lot of kills from this position, but his sheer presence above applied a huge amount of pressure to those below.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Despite Fuhhnq accidentally sliding into a trio, expecting a duo, LG were still able to close out a win. Sweet couldn't quite land the winning punch he wanted, but Luminosity will have no complaints about their Worlds Edge performance across the days ALGS action.

It feels like this Luminosity roster has a much more solid core than in Split 1. Sweet seems to be playing with a touch more freedom. The experience of Sikezz frees up Sweet, and Fuhhnq, to play with a longer leash knowing their back and position is well protected by the former DarkZero man.

Communication was also much improved. Cluttered, messy and panicked communication had been an issue for this roster. It is impressive how quickly this problem was not just improved, but totally removed. LG's comms today were precise, concise and effective.

Luminosity have put themselves into a great position for a spot at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. Now, can they adapt to the upcoming meta shift and keep the ball rolling? This team feels like a real contender for a shot at a LAN victory.

The days top five:

  • Luminosity - 90
  • Team Liquid - 59
  • Oblivion - 49
  • NGNL Esports - 48
  • Tempr - 41

The ALGS Pro League returns tomorrow. Teams will then head into a one week intermission to adjust to the mid season changes. Stay tuned to for more ALGS coverage.