The Pioneers are the latest in a long list of organisations to return to Apex Legends.

The Kansas City Pioneers have announced the signing of the Apex Legends roster known as the Tripods. The organisation is yet another to make a return to the Apex Legends esports scene ahead of the Apex Legends event at the Esports World Cup.

The Tripods defied expectations to qualify for the $2,000,000 event in Riyadh, taking second the Apex Legends qualifier event.

As has been the case for pretty much every single qualified team, this resulted in a flurry of interest from organisations who are keen to be represented in as many games as possible this summer. Organisations can get additional prize money for success in multiple titles.

Pioneers return to Apex to pick up the Tripods

As has been the case time and time again this year, organisations are falling over themselves to return to Apex Legends. The Pioneers departed the game after ALGS Year 3, like others, citing financial reasons. However, the addition of Apex Legends to the Esports World Cup has changed the playing field and allowed orgs to expand back into esports titles they had previously left.

The Tripods have made a solid start to the ALGS Split 2 Pro League. They sit in 8th place, having had a second place and a 15th place in their two showings so far. The Pioneers will hope that as well as the EWC, they will be a presence at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs as well.

The Tripods became a cult Apex Legends favourite thanks to their journey through the ranks. Popularised in part by having mega-streamer NickMercs on the roster.

However, his departure from the team has created a new era for this roster. They added ALGS Championship winner Onmuu to the roster, and have some serious firepower. Gent is one of Apex Legends most experienced controller players, and Deeds also boats substantial experience.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

That makes this Pioneers signing not just a good pick up for Riyhad, but for the ALGS before and after that event this summer.

Voltic: "They really care about the roster"

Also signing to the Pioneers is Tripods support staff. Coach Voltic and team manager Baeza will provide a solid support structure around Deeds, Onmuu and Gent. spoke to Voltic after the announcement today: "The Pioneers were the right fit for us because they’re interested in us. What they are looking for in a roster aligned with what we were looking for! It all fell into place at the right time. They really care about the roster and our story and want to make sure we finish it."

That story is one of an impressive comeback. The Tripods found themselves in the Pro League relegation spots. This meant they had to fight for their Split 2 Pro League spot in the PL Qualifier. They did so by a single point, grabbing just enough points in the final game of the tournament.

Now, having qualified for the Esports World Cup, their eyes are set on the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs later this summer. Should they qualify, which they are currently on track to do, this will prove a masterful pickup by the Pioneers.

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