“It’s just too easy”: NiceWigg wins a pub match solo without using any guns cover image

“It’s just too easy”: NiceWigg wins a pub match solo without using any guns

NiceWigg has done the unthinkable and won a pub game while solo and only using legend abilities and melee attacks.

100 Thieves streamer Jack "NiceWigg" Martin wowed the entire Apex Legends community by doing the unthinkable in a pub game.

Apex Legends players NiceWigg, Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An, and Jack "CouRage" Dunlop were all streaming the battle royale together, coming up with random challenges for each pub match. One seemingly insane idea the trio came up with was playing a match using only legend abilities and melee attacks.

It didn't seem like a victory was doable under such circumstances, especially once iiTzTimmy and CouRage were eliminated. But NiceWigg was determined to take the challenge all the way to the end. Throughout the match, NiceWigg racked up three eliminations and 500 damage all without using a gun the entire time.

Using Caustic, NiceWigg raced towards his final opponent while dropping Nox Gas Traps. He then slid up to the disoriented lone enemy and swung his Death Hammer once, instantly knocking them out. This caused NiceWigg to jump out of his chair and scream in excitement.

This is no easy feat in Apex Legends, a game where gunplay is a huge element of the action. While NiceWigg wasn't the most aggressive during this challenge due to his major setbacks, he still impressed with his strategy and skills. All three of the streamers had also been drinking all day, adding to the challenge.

The streamer and caster is clearly cracked in Apex Legends and maybe the game has become too easy for him. He later tweeted that he's looking to branch out into other content, including podcasts and gym vlogs, along with other IRL streams.

Said NiceWigg: "It's something I really want to take serious and have fun doing!"