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HerGalaxy Apex $100k title taken by team ‘Cuties’

Team Cuties took victory in the HerGalaxy Apex $100k finals in six games. They pipped Luminosity Red to the title.

Team Cuties are the winners of the HerGalaxy Apex $100k tournament. They took a match point victory in just six games, beating out the likes of Luminosity and TSM.

This was the culmination of a huge three month long tournament hosted by GalaxyRacer. Open to only women or female identifying Apex Legends players, this tournament was designed to help encourage and support the womens-only Apex Legends scene.

How did teams reach the HerGalaxy Apex $100k Finals?

Hundreds of teams entered the HerGalaxy Apex $100k tournament. Teams competed across several rounds, that spanned multiple months. This was a highly competitive format, with a double elimination bracket stage.

Eventually, 20 teams remained and competed in the match point finals.

Every team in the HerGalaxy $100k finals gets prize money

Unlike most Apex Legends tournaments, all of the 20 finals teams are walking away with some prize money.

  • 1st - $40,000
  • 2nd - $25,000
  • 3rd - $15,000
  • 4th - $10,000
  • 5th - 8th - $1,000
  • 9th - 16th - $600
  • 17th - 20th - $300

Luminosity Red race to match point

The first team to match point were Luminosity Red. Fresh off a match-point victory in the Risen Rose finals, Luminosity were among the favourites to take the title. They made a strong start to the HerGalaxy Apex $100k finals, winning the opening game. This included seeing off a key rival in TSM to secure a perfect start.

They went on to reach match point in some style. Dropping a humongous 23 kill, 35 point game to pass the all important 50 point threshold. Their rampage was almost cut short earlier in the game. Luminosity had to use their Catalyst 'Wall' at the Gravity Cannon just outside Barometer. This was a fight they did not intend to have to take. The result of this engagement was a tricky rotate towards Barometer, across open water, with no Dark Veil to protect them.

Despite their lack of wall, Luminosity did manage to worm their way into zone. Eventually, they found themselves directly in the centre of the final zone. By clearing out their platform, all the remaining teams were forced to climb into them resulting in a very simple end to an unbelievable game from Luminosity.

Tough rotate ends Luminosity's chances

However, Barometer was not all good news for Luminosity. Their chances of victory diminished after a challenging rotate through the low ground cost them two of their three players.

In a show of their quality, Dopey was still able to continue on as a solo. She picked up multiple kills on her way to the final end zone, but the numbers were simply not in her favour. Luminosity will be dissapointed not to have taken the overall victory but can still be incredibly proud of their efforts.

Team Cuties take victory in the HerGalaxy Apex $100k finals

One of the teams that Dopey could not overcome was 'Cuties'. Melani, KathleenStreams and Valefhaa had gone slightly under the radar, but consistently scored points across the first five games. Cuties snuck past the all important 50 point threshold just moments before being climbed on in Cenote Caves. Those two points proved crucial.

Often in Apex Legends, teams struggle to close out a match point win at the first attempt. Not Cuties, they were in complete control in their final circle. They made no changes to their gameplan. While Luminosity could perhaps be accused of going in their shell when they reached 50 points, Cuties seemed in their element. Finding an impressive 11 kills on their way to victory helped them close the tournament out with their best game of the day.

Having dominated the final circles just outside Barometer, Cuties were left with the fairly simple task of then eradicating two solos. They walk away with an incredible $40,000 to share.

HerGalaxy Apex $100k top 10

  1. Cuties (74)
  2. Luminosity Red (79)
  3. Lust (50)
  4. TSM (47)
  5. Vexxx (43)
  6. Gang (42)
  7. Predahers (38)
  8. Hall of Fame (35)
  9. Team Bag (34)
  10. The Gorlz (30)

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