FURIA drop Apex roster, reportedly signing ImMadness and Keon cover image

FURIA drop Apex roster, reportedly signing ImMadness and Keon

Changes are afoot at FURIA.

FURIA have released their Apex Legends roster. Scott "Pandxrz" Maynard and Nelson "Xeratricky" Medina will look for a new team together. Meanwhile, Mac "Albralelie" Beckwith will search for an entirely new team alone.

Coach Jamison "Jxmo" Moore will remain with FURIA. This, combined with FURIA being an ALGS Year 4 Partnership programme team removes any doubt that the organisation will not sign a new roster.

Sources are telling esports.gg that FURIA will sign ImMadness and Keon to play alongside HisWattson as a replacement.

FURIA Apex roster never quite got going

The latest iteration of the FURIA Apex roster never found the form that the organisation has come to expect. For FURIA, their 2022 ALGS Championship high watermark was always a high bar to reach. However, this roster seemed to be falling flat. There is no doubt that these are some of the three best players in North America. Yet, this combination was not delivering.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

The team fell just short in the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier, finishing third. Had they qualified for that LAN event things could have felt different. Yet, their Knights Carnage Cup performance highlighted that the off season has not allowed this team to kick on a gear.

On X, formerly Twitter, Xeratricky cited a "lack of cohesion" as the reason why the team was going separate ways after leaving FURIA.

With HisWattson, the team struggled to 37th at the ALGS Split 2 LAN and this seems to have been a tough slump to shake off for the FURIA Apex team.

Albralelie could retire from Apex Legends

For Albralelie, this could be his last hurrah in competitive Apex.

With Pre Season qualifiers essentially over, joining an existing team is the only way into Pro League if you are not signed up to play this weekend. Albralelie feels that if he cannot be picked up, he would rather move away from the game and play The Finals.

When asked if this was “a bit extreme”, he said he feels if he was not hit up before Split 1, no one would approach him for Split 2.

Albralelie  (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Albralelie (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

FURIA interested in ImMadness, Keon and HisWattson

Sources have told esports.gg that FURIA will be signing ImMadness, Keon and HisWattson ahead of the ALGS Pro League.

ImMadness and Keon were competing with Vaxlon, but he has this evening announced that he is officially looking for a new team. This gives credibility to ImMadness and Keon moving forward with a new third.

However, HisWattson was firm in his distaste for competitive Apex when he retired in the Summer. It is certainly a shock to hear that he may be set to return. But, if anyone was to compete with HisWattson it would be Keon. Wattson is a signed FURIA Apex content creator already.

Keon (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Keon (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

The two are long time friends. Keon drove across America to pick HisWattson and his PC up so he could continue streaming. While you can't really read into ranked teams, this reported roster has grinded together frequently this season.

While it would still be a surprise to see HisWattson back in competitive, it may be that the chance to play with one of his closest friends was too strong of a draw to resist.

This is by no means confirmed and set in stone, but with Vaxlon looking for a new team things certainly seem to be headed in this direction.

Stay tuned for confirmation of the future FURIA Apex roster. Meanwhile, track all roster changes ahead of ALGS returning with our handy roster tracker. Then, for more coverage of the ALGS, stick with esports.gg.