XSET take Knights Carnage Cup #6 title cover image

XSET take Knights Carnage Cup #6 title

Koyful makes an instant impact with XSET.

The sixth edition of the Knights Carnage Cup took place over two days, with a $10,000 prize pool. It featured 40 of the top Pro League and Challenger level teams in North America.

This event was a first proper look at several new rosters, including Gild with Moist and Koyful with XSET.

And it was XSET who sent a message to the rest of North America. The team of Nocturnal, FunFPS and Koyful dominated in the finals blowing away the competition.

Koyful makes instant impact with XSET

Koyful was the single most desired Free Agent in North America this off season. He's trialled with Sweet, FaZe broke up after he was mentioned as a potential replacement, and he is also now playing with XSET. Just about any top tier team needing a player has at least been linked with Koyful.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Today, he reminded everyone exactly why he is so highly desired. At just 17, he carries a talent way beyond his years, even for esports. He has made a meteoric rise, skipping several steps in the usual pathway in competitive Apex Legends.

With XSET, Koyful has got two incredibly experienced teammates to guide and shape the next stage of his development. If todays Knights Carnage Cup performance is anything to go by, this will be a fruitful partnership.

XSET dominated across both Worlds Edge and Storm Point. Two third places on Storm Point were nicely backed up by back to back wins on Worlds Edge. Their 21 point lead after five games became insurmountable when The Dojo were eliminated early in the final game.

Instant chemistry helps XSET win Knights Carnage Cup

What was particularly impressive was XSET's strength in fights. Interestingly, they are riding the crest of a surge in popularity for Bloodhound. It has been several seasons since we saw a Bloodhound focused meta, but several teams have reintroduced the recon legend.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

They provide a great counter to the ever-popular Bangalore, and scans do help coordinate team fighting. Across the Knights Carnage Cup, XSET were seen to take advantage of this information to make aggressive pushes in fights.

Notably, XSET almost didn't even make the Knights Carnage Cup finals. It took a huge 17 kill game to rescue their chances of making todays lobby. They certainly took full advantage of the opportunity.

After todays performance, it seems more and more likely Koyful will be officially confirmed as XSET's official third. He will replace Sikezz, who is set to join DarkZero.

Knights Carnage Cup Leaderboard

The top ten for the Knight Carnage Cup was as follows:

  • XSET - 92
  • Tripods - 62
  • Dojo - 60
  • Moist Esports - 45
  • Los Lics - 44
  • Meat Lovers - 39
  • Mexas (Former LG) - 37
  • SKT T2 - 36
  • E8 - 36
  • OpTic Gaming - 34

Tripods in good form ahead of Pre Season qualifiers

Ahead of the weekends ALGS Pre Season qualifier action, it was a strong showing by The Tripods. NickMercs, Gent and Deeds probably need an outright qualifier win to book their Pro League spot after a very poor opening weekend.

They showed flashes of brilliance in the finals, including winning the final game of the day. This allowed them to sneak past The Dojo into second place.

However, Pre Season qualifiers are a different environment completely. Tripods will need to adapt to the different playstyle in the early rounds if they want to make a run to the finals.

Although confidence is always key and the Tripods will feel good heading into the qualifier after a good set of games.

Defending Champions Sweet and Nafen eliminated early

The last two Carnage Cups have been won by NRG, however it was not to be for Sweet Nafen and Lou. The trio were eliminated on Thursday, finishing 18th in their group.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, Sweet took to discord to clarify several circumstances that explain the surprise result. 'Sweet and Friends' were contested on both maps, Sweet also had a family emergency occur after the second game.

Therefore, there is no value in reading into this result. Thoughts are with Sweet and his family at this difficult time.