Recap all your APAC North and South action.

ALGS is alive and well in the APAC regions. Both North and South regions showed intense games with strong showings by dozens of teams. FNATIC have raced to an early lead in the APAC North overall standings, after two consistent showings to start their season.

If you only saw EMEA and NA, and missed out on APAC North and South this weekend, then we’ve got you covered. Here's the rundown of this weekends action.

FNATIC find consistency in APAC North

This weekend, APAC North saw Groups A vs C and Group B vs C play. From these two days of matches, the team that reigned supreme was FNATIC. During Group A vs C, FNATIC came out on top with a whopping 75 point lead. They ended day two 21 points ahead of the second place team, RIDDLE ORDER. 

FNATIC YukaF (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
FNATIC YukaF (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

The word that best describes FNATIC’s play was consistent. Over the course of the weekend, FNATIC won two out of twelve matches. While this is nothing to sneeze at, what’s most important was their consistently high placement in the games they didn’t secure a win in. FNATIC did see some matches that had them out below 15th, but more often than not they found themselves in 6th or above. 

Group B vs. Group C matches highlighted team KINOTROPE gaming, who consistently placed in the top five throughout the day and won one match. Their strong performance this weekend strongly contrasts the weak start of week one, which saw them at 19th place in Group A vs Group B. They’re now in 7th place overall for APAC North and are definitely a team to watch if they can keep up this performance. 

FNATIC lead APAC North top five:

  • FNATIC - 46
  • PULVEREX - 29

APAC South performances

This weekend, APAC South saw Group A vs. Group C and Group B vs. Group C as well. Of the entire weekend, one game absolutely blew the rest out of the water. 

The final zone of A vs. C Match 4 (Image via PlayApex on Twitch)
The final zone of A vs. C Match 4 (Image via PlayApex on Twitch)

Game 4 of A vs. C had a massive bomb dropped by team wonton dumpling. The team, consisting of Peekgod, XZZ, and bobo2157, had 23 kills by the time they won the match. The 35 points this victory earned helped propel them up to second in the overall APAC S standings, tied in points with Boogie Boarders. However, it was team Serenity that won Group A vs. Group C overall, as the team more consistently placed in the top five.

As for Group B Vs. Group C, the points were extremely evenly spread, causing some tense matches. Very few points separated the teams, with MDY-White (54) only five points ahead of second place team, XNY (49).

MDY-White secured a 1st place ranking in B vs. C with one win and consistent top five placements, despite having two disappointing games near the end of the night. 

APAC South top five teams

  • Boogie Boarders - 37
  • wonton dumplings - 37
  • LightningUnicorn - 35
  • MDY-White -33
  • Legends Gaming - 30

Higher pick rate diversity in APAC North and South

Though the Bangalore, Catalyst, and Conduit meta is still prevalent in APAC North and South, there is definitely much more Legend diversity in these regions compared to NA and EMEA. In APAC North, teams are still relying on Bangalore, but the rest of their teams saw Legends like Wraith, Revenant, Newcastle, and Gibraltar and make an appearance. APAC South is similar, but with other unique Legends like Mad Maggie making small appearances in the matches.

One standout Legend that is more popular in APAC South is Wattson, with a 48% pick rate. Compare this to her 28% pick rate in APAC North, her 20% in EMEA, and her 8% in NA. With the steady Bangalore/Catalyst meta in play currently, it makes sense that a Legend who cancels projectiles would gain popularity. 

Wattson (and Nessie, obvi) remain popular in APAC South (Image via EA)
Wattson (and Nessie, obvi) remain popular in APAC South (Image via EA)

Since Season 20 is fast approaching, it will be interesting to see how the Bangalore/Catalyst/Conduit meta is impacted. With nerfs and buffs, we'll see if any other Legends will rise to take their place.

Hopefully, FNATIC and RIDDLE ORDER will keep up their close rivalry next weekend for more stellar games in APAC North. And in APAC South, perhaps wonton dumplings will prove they’re not a one hit wonder with more consistent games.