Final Fantasy Apex skins: How to unlock, what do they cost? cover image

Final Fantasy Apex skins: How to unlock, what do they cost?

Prepare your wallets…

The first ever Apex collaboration brings a whole host of Final Fantasy Apex skins. In addition, there is a range of other cosmetics also now in the game. But, with multiple ways to unlock these new items, what is the cheapest way to get everything in the event?

There are a total of 36 items across the event. Six 'iconic' level skins, 11 legendary skins and cosmetics, and then 18 rare skins and cosmetics to unlock. Additionally, there is also the heirloom rarity Buster Sword. You need to unlock all 36 of these to 'complete' the event.

Completing the event also unlocks the One Winged Angel Death Box, and the Buster Sword if you did not get it from your 36 packs.

How do I unlock the Final Fantasy Apex skins?

There are two ways to unlock the Final Fantasy Apex skins. The six iconic level skins can be purchased with Apex coins. They cost 2150 coins each. The rest of the skins and cosmetics in the event can only be unlocked with the event packs.

The Buster Sword heirloom can be unlocked two ways. You have a <1% chance of getting it from one of the event packs. Else, you get it guaranteed for getting all 36 items. There is three other 'milestone' reward cosmetics you will earn as you purchase more packs too.

Those packs vary in cost. Every player gets one free pack, otherwise they cost 1000 for a single pack at full price. You can also pay 4000 for a four pack, which guarantees a legendary or iconic rarity item.

Can I use crafting metals on the Final Fantasy Apex skins?

You can't use crafting metals on the skins directly. You can only purchase the iconic skins with coins. However, you can use crafting metals to craft the event packs. Although, these will set you back an insane 1650 metals each. That would mean you are spending over 57,000 metals to complete the event.

How much does the event cost?

The event itself is pretty expensive, sadly. A single Apex coin is the equivalent to about one dollar. You save slightly buying the bigger bundles, and you can also save 10% with EA Play.

However, you do get one free pack, and you also get a discount on your first 15 packs. The prices for packs work as follows:

  • 1 item owned - 100 coins
  • 2 - 6 items owned - 500 coins
  • 7 - 15 items owned - 700 coins

Then the remaining packs are full price, at 1000 coins.

Factoring in all of these discounts means that means the total cost of the Final Fantasy Apex event is 29,400 coins.

The event will cost you at most about $300. EA Play and buying bigger coin bundles could reduce this to about $260.

Does this cost more than a normal collection event?

Sadly, yes it does. A collection event usually costs about 16,800 coins. So about $170 at the maximum. There are discounts and and bundles you can buy to bring the cost down. No matter the math, this is still significantly cheaper than the Final Fantasy apex skins cost.

Collection events are 24 items plus an heirloom, and this event has over 36 items, so there is more in this event to unlock.

Are there free items in the Apex Final Fantasy event?

There are thankfully also some free items in this event. There are challenges you can complete to unlock a currency called GIL. This can be spent in a shop, with things like Apex packs, charms and holo sprays available. There is also a Epic rarity Lifeline Final Fantasty Apex skin available to unlock too.

Challenges are similar to the weekly challenges needed to complete the battle pass. You can earn 1,800 GIL a day with your challenges. Be sure to come back every day during the event to earn as much as you can!

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