FaZe Clan adds Pandxrz and Xeratricky to Apex Legends roster cover image

FaZe Clan adds Pandxrz and Xeratricky to Apex Legends roster

A new roster, un-FaZe’d, for Year 4.

FaZe Clan has officially announced the addition of Scott “Pandxrz” Maynard and Nelson “Xeratricky” Medina to their Apex Legends roster. FaZe Clan had dropped their Apex Legends team in November of 2023, making this a very last minute official confirmation before ALGS Year 4 begins.

Both players were formally on FURIA, before pre-ALGS rostermania began. 

Who is the new FaZe Clan roster?

Pandxrz and Xeratricky are joining long standing member of FaZe, Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, on the Apex Legends roster. FaZe dropped their roster late last year, as both Josue “Phony” Ruiz and Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez tweeted that they were looking for new organizations to join. 

The former FaZe roster at ALGS LAN (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
The former FaZe roster at ALGS LAN (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

Snip3down has been on Faze Clan’s Apex Legends roster since October 2022. His career in FaZe clan has been consistently good, as the team placed 6th in ALGS Champs 2023 and 5th in the 2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. FaZe appear to be keeping faith firmly with Snip3down, choosing to sign his teammates rather than explore starting an entirely new roster. The esports legend has competed with FaZe Clan since joining their Halo roster back in December 2021.

Pandxrz, like Xeratricky, broke into the ALGS scene in the 2022 ALGS Championship with FURIA. The team’s unorthodox method of steamrolling any team they came across with no regard for traditional game strategy catapulted them to both 2nd place and into fan’s hearts. 

Pandxrz at ALGS (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
Pandxrz at ALGS (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

However, the team fell flat after 2022 Champs and later split up. Xeratricky tweeted that he and Pandxrz were looking for a team and that, despite a lack of cohesion on FURIA, they are some of the best players in Apex Legends.

How will FaZe Clan perform in Year 4 of ALGS?

With Snip3down, Pandxrz, and Xeratricky all on one team, it seems that FaZe Clan is set up for success. However, North America is one of the most challenging regions for ALGS, so the team will have to succeed against very tough competition.

Xeratricky at ALGS LAN (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
Xeratricky at ALGS LAN (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

Both Snip3down and Pandxrz are controller players, with Xeratricky on mouse and keyboard (MnK). So far in scrims, the team has played with Snip3down on Bloodhound, Pandxrz on Bangalore, and Xeratricky on Conduit. This has been a pretty standard Legend composition in recent months, but it's a long road to 2024 Champs, so this lineup is subject to change.

Hopefully FaZe Clan will see more success in Year 4 of ALGS with this new line up, especially as ALGS Pro League begins this weekend.

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