The ALGS Championships EMEA group stage is now over and the twenty teams competing in the finals are all locked in. Fallout joins us once again to give us his takeaways from the final day of the EMEA group stage.

The ALGS Championships EMEA group stage is now over and the twenty teams competing in the finals are all locked in. Fallout joins us once again to give us his takeaways from the final day of the EMEA group stage. 

New Esports Enter EMEA Finals in First Place

Compared to the NA Group Stages where NRG dominated, Europe’s top is very interchangeable.

“The lobby was incredibly stacked with top EU talent. Amazing games followed from Alliance’s Game 1 to NEW Esports playing consistent to Aqualix’s fast rotation Game 3,” said Fallout reflecting on the third day of EMEA Group Stages.

 Still, after it is all said and done, New Esports stand above the other EMEA teams.

New Esports started the tournament off hot by netting 92 points on day 1 and taking 1st place. However, a rough day 2 from New and one of the best performances in Apex from Gambit pushed new down in the standings.

Fortunately, the team bounced back on day 3 by gathering 74 points and edging out Alliance and Gambit for 1st seed.

“NEW Esports is the real deal – they played consistently across all 3 days and proved that they are a top team, heading into the Grand Finals with the #1 seed.” Fallout states.

New Esports are entering the finals as favorites to win the tournament. Their take on the Crypto/Caustic/Gibraltar meta is unique and they are playing it great.

Close race at top of EMEA Standings

While NEW Esports are in first place, the difference between them and the next seven teams is very low.

“Day 3 of the EMEA competition proved that the EMEA region is as competitive as it gets. With 6-7 top teams that can perform at any given moment, we’re in for a remarkable Championships.,” said Fallout, reflecting on the final day of EMEA group stages.

Gambit and Alliance fought in the final moments of game 5 where Gambit won the map.

At the end of the day, Gambit and Alliance are within striking distance of catching up to NEW Esports. On any given map, they can takeover NEW Esports and be the ones battling each other for a game win, resulting in a very tight top of the standings.

And that is the story of the EMEA Group stages. At any given moment, any of the EMEA teams could go from dominance to an offday. In fact, showing some resemblances of consistency proved helpful for fourth seed, Totem.

The European squad never managed to eclipse the 70 point total across the three days. Yet, they were still able to place fourth because they maintained consistency in that 50-70 point mark. They enter finals as a dark horse for their consistency throughout the three days.

Still, as Fallout states, many of the top teams can easily take home the trophy in the finals. NEW are the top seed while Totem is the most consistent. On that note, teams like Alliance and especially Gambit are showing signs to overtake NEW.

Grand Finals will come down to an exciting finish

“Day 3 was the perfect EMEA build up for a GREAT Grand Finals.” Fallout states. “Day 3 of EMEA Group Stages truly felt like competitive Apex at its finest.” Fallout concludes.

Who do you think will win the ALGS EMEA Grand Finals? Will it be the number one seed, NEW Esports? Will it be Gambit who showed one of the most dominant performances in Apex history? Or will it be a complete dark horse in the standings? Let us know who you have as your pick to win the ALGS EMEA Grand Finals.

The ALGS EMEA Finals will take place on June 12 where the top 20 teams from the EMEA Group Stages will compete. With a very close race at the top, it will be interesting to see who will prevail at the end. 

We’ll be covering both the North America and European ALGS Championships, so stay tuned on for all the latest Apex Legends news.

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