Another organisation enters Apex Legends.

Blacklist International are entering the Apex Legends Global Series, signing the roster known as '2R1C'. The Southeast Asian organisation, known for success in Mobile titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is picking up this roster ahead of the upcoming Esports World Cup.

In 2R1C Blacklist International are signing an experienced and talented Apex Legends Roster. This side has consistently qualified for ALGS LAN events over the past few seasons. Additionally, this roster already is qualified for the Esports World Cup, taking place later this summer.

Blacklist International is one of the 30 teams in the Esports World Cup official Club Support Programme.

Who is the new Blacklist International Apex Legends roster?

The new Blacklist International Apex Legends roster is:

  • Filipe "Hiarka" Morgado
  • Jose "Uxako" Llosa
  • Niki "Mysi" Piira
  • Jansen "tur0gh-" Siqueira

Can "Taisheen" Öztürk is also joining the organisation as a content creator.

Hiarka and Uxako are one of the longest running duos in Apex Legends competitive. They have competed together on a whole range of organisations, including the likes of K1CK, Entropiq and AYM.

Mysi is perhaps the name that will be least familiar to Apex Legends fans. He is a relative newcomer to the ALGS competitive circuit. Debuting in late 2022, he had his major breakthrough with GoNext in the ALGS 2023 Last Chance Qualifier. His LAN debut came at the subsequent ALGS Championship.

The 19-year-old from Finland is one of a new wave of talented controller fraggers. The support of an organisation like Blacklist International should help him, and his teammates, arrive at the Esports World Cup and ALGS Split 2 Pro League with the support and resources they need to be successful.

This signing is also a great moment for coach, tur0gh. The Brazilian chose to seek out a new team in the EMEA Region. Additionally, without an organisation, he had to crowdfund his way to the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. He got support from all kinds of figures in the community including HisWattson.

Now, his resilience, talent and dedication to a career in Apex Legends has paid off. He will no longer have to rely on crowdfunding to attend future events that he and the team qualify for.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

ALGS Split 2 Pro League approaches

The ALGS Split 2 Pro League kicks off next weekend, with a jam packed schedule of games heading into the Esports World Cup and still to be announced ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.

This newly signed roster will be looking to repeat their Split 1 success, finishing in the top eight to book their slot at the second ALGS LAN event of the year. Their 18th place finish at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs may have earned them enough 'Playoff Points' to already be qualified for the ALGS Championship this autumn. However, they will not only want the chance to compete at another LAN event, but to lock in their place beyond doubt.

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