Aurora dominate ALGS Pro League with phenomenal display cover image

Aurora dominate ALGS Pro League with phenomenal display

Aurora, with new signing Hardecki, are a force to be reckoned with.

Aurora, in their first matches of the ALGS season, absolutely dominated today's EMEA ALGS Pro League games. The roster, that added Hardecki over the summer, have long been a powerhouse in EMEA online circuits.

Elsewhere, there was strong showings from both Made In Heaven and The Full English. Both teams overperformed expectations and will be satisfied with their displays today.

Aurora and Hardecki make a dream start

Hardecki is one of the most iconic names in the ALGS. 'The Grim Griefer' is one of the most entertaining players to watch, and is truly a once in a generation mechanical talent on Mouse and Keyboard. His results over ALGS Year 3 did not match his incredible talent, and the 20 year-old did not even compete in the ALGS Championship LCQ at the end of the season.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, he seems to be the perfect fit for this Aurora (ex-Fire Beavers) roster. Aurora are an absolute predator on the edge of zone. They have a fantastic talent for isolating fights, winning engagements and brute forcing their way into zone in the mid game.

This strategy was evident in the third game of Storm Point. Aurora took their time to arrive at Lightning Rod. At one stage, they were completely isolated on the map. The day's champions were in Ceto Station, crafting their armours and gathering as much loot as possible.

Hard Edge Playstyle paying off for Aurora

Being able to 'loot check' (having significantly better resources than someone) other teams isn't simply enough to win a fight. It's okay sitting in zone travelling from crafter to crafter, but Aurora still have lots of work to do.

What the team did fantastically today was to identify when to fight, and what path to take to the zone.

The path Aurora took across the map in game 3
The path Aurora took across the map in game 3

Waypointing certain positions helped Aurora to navigate the longest rotate in the game. Taking fights inside buildings, cleaning up engagements between other teams and then positioning themselves on the edge of the ring to have a clear back.

This is exactly what we saw from Fire Beavers across ALGS Year 3, while the strategy did not work quite as well at LAN, it does deliver online. With their fighting chemistry with Hardecki, Aurora seem a major contender for the ALGS Pro League title in Year 4.

Aurora lead days top five:

  • Aurora - 77
  • Made in Heaven - 55
  • o7 - 52
  • The Full English - 47
  • 2Rats1Controller - 47

o7 will be especially pleased with their third place. The roster was really struggling at the half way mark, sitting in 18th. Back to back Worlds Edge victories in games five and six helped propel the team up to third.

Made in Heaven take second place

Following up Aurora was Made in Heaven. The roster of Taxington, Arctic and Sinetic were probably not on the radar of most ALGS fans. However, they certainly will have grabbed the attention of spectators with a great showing.

The team opened up with a dominant win. Made in Heaven positioned themselves excellently in a busy end game. This allowed them to watch and wait as the lobby collapsed into a fight, letting them perform a simple clean up to grab an opening game win. Made in Heaven displayed excellent patience all game long, navigating some tricky engagements well.

Sometimes, a big win for an underdog team can cause nerves to hit. However, Made in Heaven were unphased. They continued to put points on the board and will be ecstatic with a second place.

The Full English find their feet

One of the teams that needed a big performance today was The Full English. The all-British roster performed really poorly on their debut last weekend. Noiises, Brynn and Sir Del all have incredible pedigree in the game, but early signs had not been positive for the roster.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

They made another slow start today. Contesting ESG at Zeus Station, The Full English were comfortably eliminated in the first two games.

However, the third Storm Point game was somewhat of a turning point for the Brits. They won their contest at the perfect time, with the zone pulling up north to the neighbouring Lightning Rod. Perhaps confidence has been an issue for this team, because they seemed reborn after winning the off drop fight.

They edged their way in from Zeus, towards Lighting Rod throughout the game. They crafted a phenomenal 20 point game, picking up 11 kills on the way to a second place.

Momentum rescues a poor start

The Full English carried this momentum through to Worlds Edge, picking up second place in the days fourth game. They added another six kills to their total along the way. Another two solid Worlds Edge games helped The Full English finish in fourth. This was a very impressive result, especially when the team was rock bottom after the first two games.

The ALGS Pro League returns tomorrow, with groups B and C in action. Aurora will look to keep up their momentum, and open up a lead in the overall standings.