Apex UK Community Cup: Event details, schedule and more cover image

Apex UK Community Cup: Event details, schedule and more

The Apex action is headed to the UK.

As part of the continued Apex Legends fifth anniversary celebrations, EA have announced the Apex UK Community Cup. The event, which will take place throughout March, will feature 15 creators based in the UK. Competitors will have the chance to win a share of £50,000.

This is the second celebratory tournament, with the Nessie Cup taking place in North America throughout March.

Here are all the details that we know about the Apex UK Community Cup so far:

Who is playing in the Apex UK Community Cup?

The Apex UK Community Cup will feature 15 creators. Some creators will primarily focus on Apex, while others will step out of their comfort zone and may play Apex for the first time.

The 15 creators will be competing alongside a mixed ability team. This will help keep things balanced and make the event fair and fun to watch. While we don't know everyone competing yet, here are the creators we know will be appearing:

  • ShivFPS
  • Ravs
  • TheBrokeMachine
  • Gagod
  • Break
  • Fremily
  • Blackboye
  • The Gaming Merchant
  • The Happy Hob
  • Sweet_Anita
  • Caedrel
  • Sophiesnazz
  • Bongeh
  • Tommyrage
  • Sooshi
ShivFPS on his livestream (Image via ShivFPS on Twitch)
ShivFPS on his livestream (Image via ShivFPS on Twitch)

How can I play the Apex UK Community Cup?

As of now, we don't know if there will be any opportunity for you or your friends to enter this event. More details are coming soon, so stay tuned to see more details on who will be competing alongside the 15 creators.


The main event will be held on March 28. However, that isn't all the action that this event has to offer. Teams will be holding training sessions in advance of the competition to prepare. They'll need to build team chemistry, work on their strategies and learn the ins and outs of Apex Legends.

Teams will be preparing all month long, so keep an eye on your favourite creators socials to follow along with their progress.

For scoring, it is teased that teams will be scored on a variety of challenges. So, expect a few twists along the way.

Onset and Gaskin to cast finals

Now, it wouldn't really be the Apex UK Community Cup without two of the games most popular British casters. Onset and Gaskin will be hosting the finals on March 28, guiding us through the action packed event finale.

The finals will kick off at 1800 GMT.

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