Apex Rising is back.

Popular Apex caster and personality Falloutt has announced the second Apex Rising Charity invitational. Once again trying to raise money for RED.

The event will take place over two days in December, featuring a range of top players and community members.

How much did Apex Rising raise last time?

The last Apex Rising event was a huge success. The event raised over $300k for the chosen charity partner, RED. Apex Rising was also a huge opportunity for members of the community. From the competitors, to the casters, to the broadcast team lesser known members of the Apex community were given a chance in the spotlight to shine.

Falloutt hopes to fill ALGS off season void

With the ALGS Pro League not returning until late January this event will provide some much needed competition in Apex Legends. Besides a 12 team Twitch Rivals event there has been no notable competition since the conclusion of the ALGS Championship.

Apex Rising was incredibly successful at getting engagement from the top stars of the ALGS last time around. Big names like ImperialHal, iitzTimmy and Sweetdreams all took part. Thanks to the event being open to all regions, notable names from all over the world were able to compete.

The second Apex Rising event should see the same level of engagement from the best of the best. Falloutt's initial tweet was already receiving responses from notable players keen to be involved. The opportunity to compete in a high quality event and raise money for charity is a big attraction to most players.

Photo: Joe Brady/EA
Photo: Joe Brady/EA

When is the event?

The event is being held on December 14 and 15. There will be a single elimination format, which is an adjustment from last time. The double elimination format of the past iteration gave players lots of playtime, however it made the event extraordinarily long. Some APAC South players had to pull out of the finals, as the event clashed with their Pro League matches because of time differences.

The adjusted format will still give players plenty of opportunity to take part. The event will just feel less like a marathon.

Sign up info releases Thursday, for those wishing to take part.

Stay tuned to more information on Apex Rising with esports.gg.