Team Rogue took first place in the Apex Twitch Rivals in Las Vegas.

Team Rogue, with Nocturnal and NoobKing won the Apex Twitch Rivals event at TwitchCon Las Vegas. The tournament, comprised of four games of the latest Halloween LTM gamemode, featured a mix of streamers and top pro players.

The event had a $100,000 prize pool, with the winning team taking home $18,000.

Apex Twitch Rivals introduces bounty comps

Aside from the quirk of playing the new Tricks N' Treats Trios, Apex Twitch Rivals also tried 'bounty comps'.

Before the start of each Game, a "Bounty" was announced which consisted of a team composition of specific Legends. The Team who achieved the highest placement in the Game while playing as the specified Legends was awarded the Bounty prize.

The four bounty comps were as follows.

  • Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Ballistic
  • Seer, Revenant, Mad Maggie
  • Rampart, Catalyst, Wattson
  • Wraith, Ash, Octane

Several teams attempted to earn the bounties, with a respectable $1,000 per player being awarded for doing so.

Final standings

  • 1st, Team Rogue - 44
  • 2nd, Team ImperialHal - 31
  • 3rd, Team iitzTimmy - 29
  • 4th, Team NiceWigg - 27
  • 5th, Team Mina - 25
  • 6th, Team Kalei - 22
  • 7th, Team Minustempo - 21
  • 8th, Team Sweetdreams - 20
  • 9th - Team Verhulst - 20
  • 10th - Team Lululuvely - 13
  • 11th - Team KylieGabor - 8
  • 12th - Team Cdawgva - 0

Favourite before the event was undoubtedly team Sweetdreams. Noko and TiffaJessi were solid teammates, and Sweet has an incredible Twitch Rivals record. Last year, he broke the most kills in an Apex LAN record.

However, it was team Rogue who were victorious. Uniting with former teammate Nocturnal, who had no idea he was even meant to be competing until the day before the event, Rogue rolled back the years to find his first Apex Twitch Rivals LAN win. He came close back in 2021 getting 2nd at Twitch Con San Diego. However, he was able to go one better this time.

Rogue is currently attempting to get back into Competitive Apex, and this win will be a boost to his confidence ahead of ALGS Year 4.

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