In typical Apex Legends fashion, Season 17 has launched with a game-breaking crash that restricts players to just the Firing Range.

In typical Apex Legends fashion, Season 17 is broken at launch. Players are reporting the game crashing upon finding a game on World's Edge. The only feature they're able to access is the Firing range. The Arsenal update went live earlier today and has evidently broken the game for most players. Respawn Entertainment issued a statement on Twitter addressing the problem and promising a fix within an hour.

Apex Legends Season 17 crashes when switching game mode

The main problem players faced was whenever they selected a game mode other than the firing range, it crashed. The error for the crash says "There was a problem processing game logic. Please try again". This crash restricted players to just the Firing Range. Thankfully, the new Firing Range is one of the biggest features in Apex Legends Season 17, so players remained entertained until the developers addressed it.

Developers temporarily remove World's Edge

It looks like the developers have issued a fix for the problem by switching the map in rotation to Olympus and King's Canyon. World's Edge received major updates in Season 17 and was supposed to remain in rotation for the opening week. The present map rotation includes Olympus and King's Canyon. The developers are working to fix World's Edge in the background and will probably release it once the issue is addressed.

The Apex Legends Arsenal update is now live with the Season 17 battle pass ready to go. The official patch notes include a host of balance changes for some legends and weapons.

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