Worlds Edge Season 17 changes see huge Fragment shake-up cover image

Worlds Edge Season 17 changes see huge Fragment shake-up

Apex Legends: Arsenal will see a variety of changes to the iconic Worlds Edge.

Apex Legends: Arsenal sees the biggest Worlds Edge changes since August 2021. Worlds Edge is perhaps the most popular map in Apex Legends, popular across casual, ranked and competitive play.

This is a significant update to Worlds Edge, there are new points of interest on the map, as well as a whole host of smaller changes designed to tweak and tune Worlds Edge.

Thematically, these Worlds Edge changes also signify the planet of Thalos healing. Lava levels have raised across the map. Crucially, this Lava is now traversable. No more jet pack boosters if you fall into any of the Lava crevices, according to developers.

There is also new lighting, new snowbanks, less volcanic smoke and clearer visibility.

Fragment West replaced by Monument

The biggest of the Worlds Edge changes is undoubtedly in the middle of the map. Fragment has been the single most iconic drop spot in Apex Legends history. Hoards of players descend across both East and West Fragment in unranked matches. Players like the variety of gameplay in Fragment, with various close quarters buildings. The Iconic 'construction building' has been the host of many impressive clips on social media, as players dance around ziplines while fighting.

However, some players found the 'hot drop' in Fragment frustrating. Landing elsewhere can result in a very slow and boring game. Apex Legends devs have acknowledged the need to shake up the middle of the map, and so are adding Monument in this latest round of Worlds Edge changes.

Monument is dedicated to the Apex games. This location contains a museum with various tributes to several aspects of Apex. Devs describe it as celebrating Apex's "Past, present and future".

Monument features a quick access sniper nest, as well as an underground complex. There is a glass ceiling above some of this underground location. Devs say this will create a "Hunter and Predator" dynamic, as teams can see there are people above or below them.

Fragment East has retained the much adored "Streamer building", but the old Construction Building is no longer here.

Worlds Edge Changes sees 'Construction' find a new home

But, Construction Building is not completely removed as part of these Worlds Edge changes. Instead, it has been relocated to the second new major point of interest. Called 'Stacks', this poi will replace Lava City.

This is a highly vertical location, and is likely to be a popular location thanks to an array of ziplines and floors for people to fight on.

Stacks completely replaces Lava City, occupying the exact location. Big Maude is still in position nearby. As well as the iconic Construction Building, there are several platform style locations.

The old 'broken building' from Fragment has also been relocated here. This will likely become a very popular landing location among casual players, with strong loot from Big Maude and Zipline fights aplenty in. These Worlds Edge map changes will shift the balance of the action on Worlds Edge away from the maps centre.

Harvester gets new 'honey pot'

Another drop spot that developers highlighted as getting significant changes is Harvester. The Lava levels have been raised inside. This has allowed for a new 'Honey Pot' in the centre of Harvester.

Devs revealed that you can now access this by flying down through the Harvester. Previously, this was a sure fire way to die - so it might take some getting used too for veteran players!

Other smaller Worlds Edge changes

Devs also indicated that Trials was getting some changes, to freshen up the Bloodhound town takeover. Skyhook now is covered in snow, and a new vault has been added in the North too. Developers want players to interact with vaults more, and are making keys more common as a result.

These Worlds Edge changes will help freshen up what has become a staple map for Apex Legends. Developers also hinted at more changes arriving mid season, in an attempt to spread updates out over the course of Season 17.

Also arriving in Season 17 is a new survival item, an updated firing range, and a new legend.

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