Causing absolute chaos, this new bug is definitely one of the most weirder ones in Apex Legends.

A new season of Apex Legends is upon us! It brings a lot of improvements, a whole new meta, and an interesting new character. The game keeps seeing a large increase in player numbers with each release. This time, the game recorded half a million concurrent players on Steam, an all-time high. While the new season brings in a lot of changes to the legend meta and weapon balance, what hasn't changed is the fact that it launched with some hilarious game-changing bugs. Literally.

Notice how it's not a game-breaking bug this time but a game-changing one? Yeah, thankfully the bug isn't frustrating this time, to the point of having players leave the game. On the contrary, it's actually fun. Essentially, it's like a new LTM. A lot of players are reporting that they're getting abilities that belong to another legend while playing the game. This is completely random at the moment and we don't know anything about it other than the fact that Respawn is working on it.

Is this a bug or an undercover LTM?

This hilarious bug feels like an LTM. Essentially, a few players have taken to their socials to report that they've been getting different abilities in-game. An ability switcheroo, of sorts. If you're familiar with the "Ability Draft" mode in Dota 2, the situation in Apex Legends is kind of like that. Imagine playing Ash with Loba's abilities, or Newcastle with Mirage's ability. In essence, this bug happens when you have a featured legend and pick something else in the legend selection screen before a match.

Apex Legends bug causing absolute chaos

As you'd expect, it's absolute mayhem out there in King's Canyon. Caustics flying around with VTOL jets, Newcastle bamboozling people, Ash dropping black markets and a lot more bizarre combinations of Legends and abilities. It'll be interesting to imagine there's a Gibby somewhere out there with Octane's ability kit, running around at maximum speed with people screaming "Oh lawd he comin" in terror.

This tops Apex Legends Bug Hall of Fame

Apex Legends has seen some hilarious bugs in the past. Among the most infamous ones is the Gibraltar shield glitch during the early seasons, where you could stick anything to his gun shield including caustic traps and Octane jump pads. Popular FPS streamer, Aculite made a hilarious video where his friends stuck a Jump Pad on Gibraltar's shield and the bruddah was practically flying around.

There's many more such bugs that stand out. Ultimately, this one takes the cake, and the possibilities are endless! It'd be hard to imagine anyone managing to catch a Wraith with Octane's abilities.

Respawn is apparently working on a fix

According to Alphaintel, Respawn Entertainment are "investigating" the ability bug. It's quite likely they've taken notice of the issue and are already working on a fix. All these new legend abilities are going viral and they have to fix it. Until then, players can have fun messing around with legends running different abilities in Apex Legends.

The new season brings a ton of changes to the weapon meta and if you're interested in understanding exactly what they are, check out our detailed analysis on the same.