Apex’s Season 11 gameplay trailer dropped earlier today. Join us a give you a rundown of what to expect in the new season!

As season 10 comes to an end and the Apex community waits in excitement for Season 11. And as the gameplay trailer for Apex's new season dropped today, we get to see tons of new features of the new season. The new season brings the brand new map Stormpoint and returning Titanfall 2 favorites Ash and the C.A.R SMG to the outlands.

Stormpoint, the brand new battleground for the Apex Games

As we get to see in the new gameplay trailer, Apex's new map is called Stormpoint. The island on Gaea is a tropical island with a thriving population of Prowlers, Spiders, and Flyers. As we saw in some of the leaks, the Stormpoint map does not seem to have any jump towers, but rather 'Launch pads' which launch a player a fair distance horizontally. Unlike their jump tower counterpart, players can move around slightly and fire their weapons while being launched. This can mean only one thing, that some crazy trick shots are incoming in the new Season 11.

We also see in the gameplay trailer that Stormpoint has a great mix of open and closed areas. The gameplay trailer showcases unique buildings to offer great new scenarios and lots of open cover. Alongside the new buildings, we also get to see tons of new areas. With a great combination of verticality and horizontal, the new map seems like it's going to be an absolute treat.

Apex's newest addition to the Arsenal: The C.A.R SMG

The Titanfall 2 beast that is the C.A.R SMG makes its debut in the new season 11 of Apex Legends. This Titanfall 2 favorite is going to be a weapon that utilizes both Light and Heavy ammunition. This unique ability is going to make the C.A.R a favorite pick for heavy and light weapon load-outs. As we see in the Season 11 gameplay trailer, the C.A.R fires around the same speed as the R99, which might just let it overtake the iconic SMG.

Apex's newest contneder, Ash

In Season 11's gameplay trailer, we also get a preview of Ash and her abilities. She seems to be an offensive legend who thrives in skirmishing, akin to Loba. With a tactical that shocks and leashes the unsuspecting to the ground and an ultimate that lets you reposition almost instantly, Ash is going to be a great offensive legend to pick up.

And that's all the information we got from the brand new Apex season 11 Escape gameplay trailer. This season is shaping up to be great, with its refreshing new map, legend, and weapon. We can't wait to see the patch notes that come out soon to see changes to our favorite legends. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg

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