Apex Legends patch notes post-ALGS Champs are out and the beloved 30-30 Repeater is moving to the Crafter! Meanwhile the Nemesis is back.

EA have revealed several balance updates as part of their latest Apex Legends patch notes. The patch notes arrive alongside a brand new Collection Event entitled Harbringers.

The main focus of the patch notes in the official blog post is to update the Weapon Crafting rotation. While the beloved Mozambique is back on floor loot, the beloved 30-30 Repeater is being put away.

30-30 Repeater enters the Crafter

  • 30-30 Repeater enters the crafter
  • RE-45 with Hammerpoint Rounds enters the crafter

The biggest news in the latest Apex Legends patch notes is that the 30-30 Repeater enters the Crafter.

The 30-30 Repeater was responsible for the most damage dealt at ALGS Champs and was the third most used weapon overall. It was widely considered the best weapon in Season 18, making its move to the Crafter a shame.

The 30-30 Repeater will be joined in the Crafter by the RE-45 with Hammerpoint Rounds.

Nemesis and Mozambique return to floor loot

  • Nemesis Burst AR
    • Damage reduced to 16 (was 17)
    • ADS recoil increased
Apex Legends Patch Notes: The Nemesis is now floor loot
Apex Legends Patch Notes: The Nemesis is now floor loot

As part of the new Weapon Crafting rotation, the Nemesis and the Mozambique return to floor loot. The Nemesis, a weapon the developers said they hoped would supersede the R-301 and Flatline, returns to the floor with a 1 point reduction damage. The ADS recoil has also been increased.

Nemesis was the #1 weapon for damage at Split 2 playoffs in London back in June. However, after being moved to the Crafter ahead of ALGS Champs it fell to #14.

Apex Legends Patch Notes - Legend changes


  • Knuckle Cluster
    • Tactical deployment speed increased


  • Gravity Lift
    • Weapon accuracy decreased while in Lift (more spread)
    • Vertical Lift speed reduced by 20%
    • Hover time at top of Lift reduced to 0.5s (was 2.0s)


  • Amped Cover
    • Placement time reduced to 2s (was 3s)
    • Rampart now remains in placement mode after deploying a wall


  • Forged Shadows
    • Reduce time extension from knocks to 5s (was 10s)
    • Extra damage to the shroud will bleedthrough to Revenant if it breaks
  • Shadow Pounce
    • Slightly increased pounce angle compensation when looking at the ground

The Legend changes in the Apex Legends patch notes are not massive, but they do see a slight nerf to Horizon. Elsewhere Respawn look to balance the

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