Which weapons were most popular and most effective at Split 2 of the 2023 ALGS Playoffs? We have the stats here!

Which weapons got the most kills in Split 2 of the 2023 ALGS Playoffs? Surprisingly, one gun absolutely dominated the rankings, with over 200 percent more kills than the gun in second place. 

*slap* This bad boy can fit so many kills in it.
*slap* This bad boy can fit so many kills in it.

That ultimate weapon of ALGS Split 2 was the Prowler, which earned itself 846 kills throughout the entirety of Split 2. The Nemesis is in second place with 390 kills, followed closely by the CAR with 379 kills. For the rest of the top ten weapons in Split 2, we've gathered them below. If you're keen on diving into more stats visit apexlegendsstatus.com.

Most successful weapons at ALGS Split 2 playoffs

There was a total of 3,270 recorded kills from weapons at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. This includes guns and ordinances such as Arc Stars and Grenades.

Top 15 weapons by kills

Here's the breakdown of the top 15 weapons, their number of kills and what % of kills that represented. Will this affect your weapon choice next time you hop into a game of Apex? We think it might!

% of total kills
1. Prowler84626%
2. Nemesis39012%
3. CAR37912%
4. R-992267%
5. FlatLine1926%
6. Volt1866%
7. 30-301725%
8. G7-Scout1083%
9. Arc Star1003%
10. R-301712%
11. Charge Rifle692%
12. Triple Take612%
13. Wingman592%
14. Alternator572%
15. L-Star411%
ALGS Split 2 playoffs weapon stats by kills
An example of a packed end zone in an ALGS match
An example of a packed end zone in an ALGS match

Top 10 weapons by damage

Sometimes the killing blow doesn't tell the whole story. Therefore, here's the top 10 weapons if we base it purely on damage output.

Weapon Accuracy
1. Nemesis314,38715%
2. Prowler303,52617%
3. 30-30218,83414%
4. CAR141,48714%
5. Charge Rifle128,323n/a
6. G7 Scout115,03812%
7. Flatline100,94512%
8. R-9985,15921%
9. Volt78,63818%
10. TripleTake67,368n/a
The top 10 weapons of ALGS Split 2 Playoffs by damage

More fun facts and stats about ALGS weapon usage

Alongside these top ten weapons, we have some fun facts about the weapons used in Split 2 of the 2023 ALGS Playoffs.

  • Every member of Dark Zero, the winners of Split 2, got the majority of their kills with the Prowler. 
  • The Mozambique managed to score five kills throughout the entire weekend, just beating out the P2020 by one kill
  • The Charge Rifle had 69 kills. Do with that what you will
  • The Longbow was in the hands of the players the most but only 23 registered kills
  • There were eight melee kills throughout the entirety of Split 2, meaning there were some honorable bouts of fisticuffs somewhere in there
  • One weapon only scored a single kill. Unsurprisingly, it was the Rampage. Not much of a rampage, hmm? 
  • The Rampage was the weapon with the lowest damage. Only a total of 353 damage was dealt with a Rampage, that's even less than Melee damage! (365)
  • Every grenade combined (Thermite, Frag, and Arc Star) killed exactly 180 times throughout the weekend

If you want to learn how to best use the Prowler like a pro, check out our SMG guide.

There’s a couple reasons the Prowler reigned supreme in Split 2. One reason is that this is a weapon that rewards consistent fire, something pro players are pretty good at to say the least. Secondly, it’s fantastic for short range fights so it’s an invaluable weapon for those crazy packed end zones ALGS is famous for.

On top of great aim fraggers in ALGS typically use a controller, which means they also can benefit from a slight helping hand from aim assist.

The final reason for the Prowler's popularity is that the R-99 is in the crafter, meaning it’s a bit harder and more time consuming to use, making the Prowler a better option. In fact, the R-99 remaining in the top five is a testament to its popularity and viability.

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