Which weapons dropped the most damage and got the most kills?

The ALGS Year 3 Championship finished earlier today and a few weapons definitely dominated the games. While some weapons performed within expectations, some rose surprisingly high in the rankings. We've collected the stats on the most popular weapons used in Champs, by both damage and kills, as well as some fun facts from the competition.

The R-99 was the most popular weapon of Year 3 Champs
The R-99 was the most popular weapon of Year 3 Champs

With the current meta more focused on controller players, it’s unsurprising that short range weapons have dominated the pro scene. The most popular weapon of the ALGS Year 3 Champs was the R-99, which overwhelmingly earned the most kills of the tournament. Throughout the entire weekend, it dealt 419,382 damage and earned 974 kills. The second place weapon, the CAR, did 217,407 damage and got 504 kills. The rest of the stats on the top 15 weapons by kills are listed below.

Top 15 weapons by kills

1. R-99
2. CAR
3. 30-30
4. Hemlok
5. Volt
6. Alternator
7. Flatline
8. G7 Scout
9. Arc Star
10. Frag Grenade
11. Prowler
12. R-301
13. Peacekeeper
14. Wingman
15. Nemesis

The most surprising gun to rise in the meta is the third place 30-30. This marksman weapon did 478,726 damage over the course of ALGS Year 3 Champs, which is especially surprising when you compare it to the 218,834 damage it did at the Split 2 Playoffs

The 30-30 made a huge impact during ALGS champs in both long and short range fights
The 30-30 made a huge impact during ALGS champs in both long and short range fights

Top 15 weapons by damage in ALGS Champs

While the R-99 might have been able to finish off the most enemies, the weapons that deal the most damage can mean more when you consider poking at enemy teams from a distance and holding space in the final few zones.

1. 30-30
2. R-99
3. Hemlok
4. Ring Damage
5. G7 Scout
6. Flatline
7. Volt
8. Alternator
9. Arc Star
10. Frag Grenade
37, 914
11. R-301
12. Wingman
13. Triple Take
14. Nemesis
15. L-Star

Why did the gun meta change so much since Split 2?

During Split 2, the two most popular weapons by a wide margin were the Prowler and the Nemesis. Since Season 18 began in early August, both of those guns were made less accessible. The Prowler was placed into the Care Package and the Nemesis was put in the Crafter. It's hard not to think that Respawn put both of those weapons into less accessible places because of their dominant performance during Split 2. However, Respawn did release the popular R-99 from the Crafter before Split 2 and allowed it to continue its reign during ALGS Year 3 Champs.

In the absence of the Prowler and the Nemesis, it makes sense that the other submachine guns would rise in popularity. Most exchanges in ALGS come down to short range fights in close spaces, especially with controller players currently dominating.

Fun facts on ALGS Champs weapon stats

Alongside the rankings by kills and damage, here are some fun facts from the ALGS Year 3 Championship.

  • Every grenade (Arc Star, Frag Grenade, and Thermite) combined got 188 kills
  • The P2020 got one less kill than melee
  • The Kraber had 21 kills, including one made by a 360 no scope
  • The 30-30 was in the player's hands for over 117 hours
  • The Mozambique had six kills, one more than during Split 2
  • The Charge Rifle only had 14 kills during Champs, dropping significantly from the 69 kills it had during Split 2
  • The Ring did 184,784 damage throughout Champs
  • The most accurate weapon used was the Sentinel at 22.57% accuracy
  • There was a total of 3,640 kills throughout Champs
  • The final kill of ALGS Year 3 Champs was done by ImperialHal with the R-99

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