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Apex Legends Kill Code: A full breakdown

Here’s the full breakdown of Kill Code, which is the Season 17 lore event in Apex Legends.

Season 17 of Apex Legends has wrapped up with a massive lore event that spanned multiple mediums. The event, named Kill Code, served as the lead up to the reveal of Revenant Reborn in Season 18, while also hinting towards future lore and characters, including Crypto’s sister Mila. But what exactly happened in Kill Code and what does it mean for the future of Loba and Revenant?

What is Kill Code in Apex Legends?

Kill Code was the Season 18 lore event that climaxed with Revenant Reborn, an entire overhaul of Revenant’s abilities in Apex Legends. To read a more in-depth explanation of what’s changing for everyone’s favorite murder bot, check out our breakdown.

Apex Legends Kill Code Part 1

Kill Code begins with “Kill Code: Part 1,” which is a YouTube video that features Mad Maggie, Lifeline, Loba, and Valkyrie as they infiltrate a Hammond facility on Salvo while investigating Duardo Silva.

The group discovers that there are similar locations all over the Outlands, but they are unsure what its purpose is. Mad Maggie seemingly accidentally activates the sentry bots, which interrupts their data download as they escape. Valkyrie picks up the trio while Loba holds a mysterious object in her hand.

Apex Legends Kill Code: A Thief's Bane

A Thief’s Bane is the next part of the Kill Code series, but it actually takes place during the events of Part 1 when Loba briefly disappears from the group. Uniquely, this part of the Kill Code lore event is a single-player PvE experience.

You play as Loba while she explores further into the facility. There, she discovers an empty facility eerily similar to the one she found in the Season 5 launch trailer. In fact, the glass tube that used to hold Revenant’s head still has the bullet marks of when Loba tried to kill him. 

Loba and Valkyrie speaking during A Thief's Bane (Screenshot via esports.gg)
Loba and Valkyrie speaking during A Thief's Bane (Screenshot via esports.gg)

At the end of A Thief’s Bane, Loba finds one of Revenant’s skulls and takes out his eye. She takes this with her and it can be seen at the end of Part 1. For a deeper explanation of A Thief’s Bane, check out our full walkthrough

Apex Legends Kill Code: Part 2

Kill Code: Part 2, another YouTube video, focuses more directly on Revenant. The eye that Loba took listens into a conversation between Loba and Crypto while showing various flashbacks Revenant experienced recently.

These flashbacks include a conversation with Valkyrie as she promises to get something done for him and Revenant experiencing extreme glitches during the Apex Games. 

While Revenant glitches out, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, and Valkyrie arrive at Crypto’s apartment and figure out that the asset Duardo Silva hid in various places throughout the Outlands is actually Revenant’s head.

It seems that Silva wants to control Revenant to be his personal assassin while also upgrading his capabilities by giving him a new body. The video ends with Revenant attacking Crypto and demanding to know what is happening to him. 

Neon Network event

The Neon Network event, the last collection event of Season 17, included a unique new currency system to unlock more of the Kill Code story. By collecting an in-game currency called Compute Nodes, players got to watch three different radio plays.

Interlude 1: Neon Network

The first radio play was unlocked at 5,000 compute nodes. It showed Valkyrie standing in an alley, speaking to Jamie on the phone. Valkyrie told Jamie that she didn't have any leads on Revenant’s head, which tied back to Valkyrie’s earlier conversation with Revenant when she promised him something.

It seemed likely that Valkyrie promised to help Revenant find his head and kill him, which will likely cause her some relationship problems with Loba. Valkyrie was also worried about Loba losing herself. 

Loba opened the door to check on Valkyrie, which led to Valkyrie lying about who she’s talking to. She finished her phone call by telling Jamie to get better and promised to find Revenant’s head and kill him.

Scene 1 of the Neon Network event with Valkyrie on the phone in the alley (Screenshot via esports.gg)
Scene 1 of the Neon Network event with Valkyrie on the phone in the alley (Screenshot via esports.gg)

Interlude 2: Targeted

The second radio play unlocked at 10,000 compute nodes and featured Mad Maggie and Lifeline. In the short conversation, Lifeline confronted Mad Maggie at a computer cafe and demanded she go back to her cell. However, Mad Maggie insisted that she had to get her Salvo crew ready for a fight against Silva.

Lifeline pointed out that Silva will catch on since every one of them was under watch, which prompted Mad Maggie to challenge Lifeline to a fight. Lifeline didn't back down from Maggie’s threat, which earned the latter's respect. Maggie said, “You’re coming along nicely, Che” before the conversation ended.

Scene 2 of the Neon Network event with Lifeline confronting Mad Maggie (Screenshot via esports.gg)
Scene 2 of the Neon Network event with Lifeline confronting Mad Maggie (Screenshot via esports.gg)

Interlude 3: The Cutting Edge

The third and final radio play of Apex Legends Kill Code unlocked at 20,000 compute nodes. It showed Loba and Crypto in his apartment as he tried hacking into Lifeline’s data drive. While they talked, Crypto almost got locked out from the drive by an unknown hacker working for Silva, but he managed to regain access suddenly, prompting a small amount of suspicion from Crypto. The scene pulled out slightly to show Silva and an unknown hacker watching from above.

We can assume that this talented hacker is Crypto’s sister, Mila, who has appeared in various lore events in the past. Mila then lied to Silva, saying she couldn’t stop Crypto from gaining access to the data drive. However, Silva wasn’t bothered, saying there’s no stopping what's to come and that he hopes “our friend is ready for his rebirth.”

What's the TL;DR?

For a short summary of the Kill Code events, it is Loba, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, and Crypto discovering that Duardo Silva is doing something sinister with Revenant while various parties try to hunt down Revenant’s head. 

By the end of Kill Code in Season 17, it seems that Duardo Silva got what he wanted. He gained his own personal eternal assassin that, from what we know, he can completely control. Other small revelations show Mila in the mix, who it seems likely will end up joining the Apex Games with her brother at some point in the future.

We still have yet to see what will happen between Valkyrie and Loba as both are keeping secrets from each other. Additionally, we don’t know what Mad Maggie will end up doing now that she’s gained some freedom and a new respect for Lifeline. While multiple characters are gunning to take down Silva, he's now in front of them all by securing Revenant as a protector.

It’s unconfirmed if there will be more lore events like this one in the future. However, it does seem likely that Respawn will continue the Kill Code story based on the positive community reaction. For more breakdowns of Apex Legends lore and other esports news, check back on esports.gg!