Apex Legends’ new Amazon Prime set is here with the new Revenant Candy Bundle! Come find out what’s included!

The next Apex Legends Amazon Prime bundle has arrived! The Revenant Candy bundle features festive skins for the Holiday season. Specifically, the bundle contains three items: A matching skin, banner frame, and an additional weapon skin. As with all the other Amazon Prime specials, the bundle is available for a limited time so be sure to claim the bundle soon!

Revenant's Candy Bundle

With Apex Legends Wintertide event currently progressing, it is only natural that the Amazon Prime bundle will share in the festivities. Revenant's Candy bundle has three unique items that all share the Christmas spirit. Which is unlike other Amazon Prime bundles, which typically only have the Legend skin and banner frame match.

The seasonal bundle features a Banner and Skin for Revenant as well as a skin for the Rampage. The new Candy Carnage skin for everyone's favorite murder robot of the Outlands skinned as the Nutcracker. Which Revenant pulls off alarmingly well. On top of that, the matching Grim Wrapper Banner Frame also shares in the festivities with candy canes and gift wrap.

The final piece of Revenant's Candy bundle is the Candy Pain Rampage weapon skin. This weapon skin turns the fan favorite LMG into a much more lethal candy cane. With how rare the Rampage is, as it is a Care Package exclusive weapon, finding it will be quite the christmas present. Players will be able to spread its holiday cheer--and bullets--to all, like a true Christmas Saint of the Apex Games.

Claiming the Bundle

As with all Amazon Prime Bundles, Revenant's Candy bundle is available for a limited time. So, be sure to claim it before its gone! To claim the bundle link your Amazon Prime account to your EA account. You can do this through the prime gaming website. The account linking works on both Origin, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One and Steam, so no need to fret.

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