Here is everything we know about Alter’s abilities.

Alter is the next Legend coming to the Apex games. Developers accidentally confirmed there will be a new legend this season a while back, with Alter already showing up in playtest footage from Season 20.

Now we have official confirmation of her abilities and what she will bring to the table when she joins the game on May 7.

Fans spotted Alter amongst other legends during the Season 20 playtest.
Fans spotted Alter amongst other legends during the Season 20 playtest.

What are Alters abilities in Apex Legends?

Alter will have the following abilities:

Passive: Gift From The Rift - Can remotely interact with a Death Box to claim one item. Cannot be armour.

Tactical: Void Passage - Creates a portal passageway through a surface.

Ultimate: Void Nexus - Create a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location. There will be a way for enemies to follow you through this tunnel though, so be careful.

Alter will be a Skirmisher Legend in Apex Legends. That will give her the ability to see what is inside Care Packages before they land.

In the Season 21 Developer Panel, Devs highlighted Alter as working especially well with Bloodhound and Lifeline in Apex Legends.

What sort of legend will Alter be?

From this early info, it seems that Alter will be fun and powerful Apex Legend when she arrives in the game. The ability to remotely loot a Death Box has previously only been reserved for Loba's Black Market. Having this ability as a passive on such an offensive legend opens up a lot of opportunities.

Additionally, Void Passage and Void Nexus will completely shake up Apex Legends. There are two teleportation abilities in the game, but neither can pass through solid walls. Ash's Phase Breach can be placed through an open window, but nothing further.

Obviously, we haven't been able to test how these abilities will feel in the game but on the face of it they seem really strong. Being able to chase enemies through buildings, cutting them off to snag a kill seems like it will be a must have ability on your team. And of course, this could provide some interesting escape abilities too.

It seems Alter will make a big impact when she makes her debut in Apex Legends Season 21. Stay tuned to as more information about Alter is released.

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