Alliance are back in business.

Alliance have rediscovered their best form, as they grabbed their first ALGS gameday win of the Split. They won the days first and last game, beating out the newly signed Ninjas in Pyjamas by just a few points.

Alliance had made a solid start to their ALGS Pro League split, but had not yet hit their true stride. Today they fought incredibly well, and this seemed to help them get the ball rolling.

Alliance use Pathfinder on their way to ALGS victory

Alliance, like Cybercats yesterday, deployed Pathfinder at times today. They also swapped roles around on Worlds Edge, with IGL Hakis swapping to Catalyst rather than Bangalore. This is an unusual decision, with IGL's being synonymous with Bangalore in the ALGS.

However, their off meta role picks and legend choices paid off entirely. Hakis anchored well on Worlds Edge, with Effect and Unlucky grabbing all of their 9 kills in the opening game.

Effect and Unlucky both fragged out today. Effect in particular was on fire, dropping a huge 9000 damage in just six games.

Alliance have always been at the forefront of new metas and new ways to approach the game. It seems that todays performance is proving that they are once again forging their own path in the ALGS.

Ninjas In Pyjamas make great ALGS debut

Ninjas In Pyjamas have had a fantastic week. They won last weeks ALGS Pro League set, and then finally were announced to their organisation. Confidence is huge in a Battle Royale and that was evident in now Ninjas in Pyjamas performed today.

They played fantastically in the days second game on Worlds Edge. Ninjas in Pyjamas worked their way in from Countdown, and took a very powerful position up near trials. Gnaske used ordinance to maximum impact, annihilating an entire team on his own with a flurry of Frag Grenades. They had to simply shoot fish in a barrel below them as they cruised to an easy victory.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Again, this time on Storm Point, Ninjas In Pyjamas once again controlled a strong high ground position near Devastated Coast. Just like in game two, this yielded them an easy victory when FaZe Clan and GoNext both identified that they needed to brawl it out for second place.

However, they just got caught in a difficult backs to zone fight trying to exit Mill in the final game. While Ninjas in Pyjamas will be frustrated to fall just short in second, this is still a great start to their lives under the new organisation.

Alliance lead top five:

  • Alliance - 78
  • Ninjas In Pyjamas - 64
  • DMS - 59
  • Atlas - 52
  • Trojan - 42

Aurora's struggles continue

Aurora were absolutely dominant last split of the EMEA Pro League. They were amazingly close to having a perfect record, falling just short of grabbing maximum overall points.

This split, Aurora have seemed a shadow of their former selves. They have sat middle of the pack at best across all of their gamedays so far.

Of course, Aurora's natural talent and flair has not vanished overnight. But, it might be that Aurora are struggling with the new draft system. Their hyper aggressive playstyle worked very well from edge POI's only, and this is not always possible to have. Additionally, Aurora can no longer rely on knowing which teams are around them and how they will approach each zone.

Aurora are not in too much trouble when it comes to LAN qualification yet. However, they will need to find an extra gear as we head into the second half of the season if they want to guarantee a LAN position.