Alliance adds ‘Yuki’ to their Apex Legends roster as the Swedish esports organization eyes an ALGS Championship run

Yuki will join 'Hakis' and 'Vaifs' as the team eyes an ALGS championship

Today Alliance announced a new member to their Apex Legends squad. Oscar "Yuki" Jiang will join the trio as the Swedish esports org looks to contend for the upcoming ALGS series. Yuki will be playing alongside "Hakis" (team captain) and "Vaifs" after the team recently benched "iPN".

"I've always looked up to Alliance," Yuki said in a recent blog post from the org. "Joining them has always been a goal of mine," he continued, "and I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow for it to only be a dream." Alliance has seen success in the ALGS circuit over the past two years with two 1st place finishes in online tournaments. In the recent ALGS Championship over the summer, Alliance earned 9th place overall in the EMEA region. Both Hakis and Vaifs tied for the most ALGS points at the end of Year 1 of the ALGS.

Alliance competes in the EMEA region alongside some of the best trios in all of Apex. This includes Yuki's former team Aqualix who finished 5th in ALGS Championship. In a recent blog post, they outlined the trio's new goals. The addition of Yuki, they say, will elevate their chances of achieving top placements in the upcoming ALGS Year 2.

"Yuki is known for his vivid playstyle and insane aim," the blog post reads, "we couldn't be more excited to see what the future holds." Despite a less than stellar placement in ALGS Champs, Alliance says it plans to become a top team in the EMEA region.

Apex Legends Global Series

Following a successful inaugural run, Year 2 of the ALGS is shaping up to be one of the most impressive circuits in esports. Respawn Entertainment, the developer responsible for Apex Legends, announced a whopping $5 million prize pool. In addition, this year PC players will be competing alongside console players. The series will see multiple online events including two in-person LAN tournaments. This comes after a full year of online-only events.

The addition of Yuki comes just in time for the upcoming ALGS qualifier events which kick off in September and run until October. Following qualifiers, teams will compete in the first Pro League split. This includes 36 online games in what is being considered the first half of the regular season. Finally, the first split will coincide with the Split 1 playoffs. Split 2 will begin in February of 2022 and repeat the process once more. The coveted ALGS Championship will kick off in July where the 40 best Apex Legends trios will compete for $2 million.