The ALGS Split 2 day 2 has had some of the best Apex we’ve seen so far. Join us as we recap day 2 which included Winners and lower brackets!

As the ALGS Split 2 playoffs are coming to an end, the stage is truly set for the grand finals. The games were some of the best and most memorable games of the tournament. As teams fought tooth and nail for a spot in the finals. With 20 teams out of 40 eliminated from the event already, the stage is set for Apex's highest skilled showdown in history. But before the finals, let's recap all that's happened on day 2 of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs.

ALGS Split 2: Sad goodbye's to our favorite teams

The biggest story of day 2 were the teams that did and didn't qualify. Teams had to fight through 1 or even 2 entire lower brackets to reach a spot in the finals. Sadly, however, not all teams can participate in the finals, and we've had to say goodbye to 20 teams. Fan-favorite teams that did not make the cut were G2, SCARZ, K1CK, Totem, Players, and Invictus Gaming International.

However the ALGS Split 2 playoff finals features the best Apex teams in the world from 6 different regions: South America, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe, and North America. The stage is set for the best 6 rounds of Apex we've ever seen on an international playing field.

K1CK's record-breaking 31 point game

Although K1CK did not qualify for the ALGS Split 2 finals, the European squad made a statement today. With a seeming record-breaking 31-point game K1CK blew the entire Apex community away. K1CK showed everyone they are a team to be feared on Stormpoint as each member accumulated over 2000 damage and a total of 19 kills.

Team UNITE's Dominance

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the APAC North team known as team UNITE has been dismantling lobbies. Utilizing an off-meta (for NA and EMEA) pick of Wattson, they've reminded the Apex community how shockingly powerful she truly is. Additionally, they've also used hyper-aggressive team compositions that include Octane and Horizon. Team UNITE has amassed the highest team kill total in the lobby with 31 total kills earning them a spot as one of the most feared teams in the ALGS split 2 playoffs.

There are tons of different stories that have emerged from day 2. Stories that include Optic's continued dominance or NRG scraping by to qualify. As we go into our final day of the ALGS playoffs and see who is crowned the best of the best (for now), stick around on!

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