ALGS Split 2 lower bracket round 1: SCARZ, G2 and 8 other teams eliminated cover image

ALGS Split 2 lower bracket round 1: SCARZ, G2 and 8 other teams eliminated

After the first round of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs lower bracket, 10 teams have been eliminated. Join us as we recap the lower bracket.

The ALGS Split 2 playoffs are well on their way and the first ten teams have been eliminated. But as ten teams have said their goodbyes, ten teams have moved on to the next round of the lower bracket.

This first round was crazy to say the least, with crazy plays and awesome stories as teams are fighting to stay alive in the ALGS Split 2 playoffs.

K1CK's godlike 31 point game on Storm Point

After a rough start with almost no points to their name in the lower bracket, K1CK pulled something out in game 4. During the first game on Stormpoint, K1CK farmed the lobby with 19 kills and won the game resulting in a 31-point total game. This godlike game only comes around once in a blue moon and it stunned casters and analysts alike, which each of the members doing over 2000 damage each.

The massive point total game shot them up the leaderboards. This victory would let them head through the next round of the Split 2 playoffs regardless following game scores. This only furthers the massive potential that is available in the games. As all the players at the Split 2 playoffs are incredibly skilled, they just need one good game in their hands to wrap things up.

The true grit story of Team Singularity

The Brazilian team consisting of ArtiNN1, Besk9 and Elysium showed true passion for the Apex games in the today's lower bracket. Unfortunately, their teammate ArtiNN1 tested positive for COVID-19 and could not participate. And so, the duo of Besk9 and Elysium had to take on the entire losers bracket as a duo. With the odds stacked against them, the duo still managed to perform. The duo blew the entire Apex community away with their passion and love for the game with the odds stacked against them.

Some of the best moments of the ALGS Split 2 round 1 lower bracket

GMT Gnaske's insane white armor clutch

The first game of the day ended with an amazing play from GMT's Gnaske. As the final circle closed it came down to GMT's Gibraltar against GameWith's Wattson. With his armor cracked and the final ring closing, it seemed like Gnaske would lose the 1v1. But with a clutch armor swap and beautiful Mastiff shots, he managed to clutch the win for GMT.

The Ultimate showdown. Gibraltar vs Gibraltar.

One standout moment of round 1 of the ALGS split 2 lower bracket was the Gibby versus Gibby showdown. This Gibby only 1v1 between Acend's Postkill and CLG's NanoFRYS was an incredible mirror match to watch. The opportunity doesn't come around too often to see some of the top Gibraltars duke it out in a 1v1. An absolute treat to watch.

Overall Standings of the lower bracket

Teams that we have to say goodbye to

Sadly, as is the nature of tournaments, teams have to get eliminated. In the first round of the losers bracket, the teams that have been eliminated are as follows:

  • G2
  • Ascend
  • Team Singularity
  • DeToNator
  • Fênix Team
  • Xen
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • Revenant Esports
  • Invictus Gaming International

Although it is sad to see some of these iconic teams leave the Split 2 playoffs, we can hope that they come back stronger for the Champion Circuit. Stay tuned to our coverage of the the second round of the losers bracket and more coverage of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs!