ALGS fans will have to wait for a new way to watch every teams perspective.

The ALGS Command Centre will not be returning, it has been confirmed. Fans were left wondering why the award winning feature was missing across the opening day of the ALGS Pro League.

It has been confirmed that the feature is no more, but that ALGS are working on a new multiview experience. The ALGS is working with FACEIT, with the solution currently in beta and not yet ready for use.

ALGS Command Centre will be missed by fans

The ALGS Command Centre was a very popular feature with fans. It revolutionised watching Apex Legends esports, allowing you to watch a player's perspective from every team. During the online Pro League season, this was especially helpful for fans of teams who do not stream.

For instance, no one from OpTic Gaming streamed their gameplay in last weekend's ALGS Pro League. That left fans of the Green Wall wondering what was happening to their team. The main PlayApex broadcast has to show every team, and it is hard to show everyone equally.

There was also a community that built up around these Command Centre POV's. Content creators like JHawk and Jumba relied on these perspectives to help create their popular content videos. Elben Gate Gaming, who recorded and uploaded teams perspectives, was one of the most popular Apex Legends YouTube channels in ALGS Year 3.

Why has the ALGS Command Centre gone away?

While the ALGS hasn't officially confirmed why the ALGS Command Centre is going away, it appears to be because of Twitch. understands that Twitch have discontinued the Command Centre technology.

There have been multiple rounds of layoffs at Twitch over the last 18 months. The business is not profitable, and tools like the Command Centre must be expensive to run and maintain. There were certainly many issues with the experience for ALGS fans over the years, though some were due to the number of observers needed to spectate all the teams.

FACEIT working with the ALGS on new Multiview experience

The ALGS was undoubtedly enhanced by the Command Centre. It was an award winning feature, much bragged about, and fans were very appreciative (when it worked!). In a Battle Royale, you can never show all the action and fans will always have a favourite team.

The tool is extra important when LAN events return, as players cannot stream their own perspectives to their channels even if they want too.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady)
(Photo EA/Joe Brady)

To that end, the ALGS have announced that they are working with FACEIT to develop a new tool. This was actually available publically last weekend, with some keen fans discovering the streams. The product is in early development and is not yet ready for a full rollout.

Some fans have raised concerns that FACEIT's current website requires an account, and maybe even a subscription to get full access. This might not be the case when the ALGS multiview experience rolls out properly, so fans will have to wait and see. There is nothing confirmed regarding this as of yet.

Ideally, the ALGS Command Centre replacement will be ready for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, which are set to take place in late spring.