Twitch CEO confirms Twitch is NOT profitable amidst layoffs cover image

Twitch CEO confirms Twitch is NOT profitable amidst layoffs

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy had some interesting words to say about Twitch’s future.

Twitch has been in the spotlight quite a bit recently, and not for positive reasons. From laying off over 500 employees to their "naked streamer" controversy to the CEO confirming that Twitch is not profitable, many wonder exactly just what bad could happen for the streaming platform next.

In a recent interview, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy had a lot to say about where the company was at, and people are a bit worried.

Twitch has not been profitable... in years

Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform, has millions of people press the live button each month. While being backed by Amazon and taking 50/50 splits from all creators, many would have guessed that the company was extremely popular.

Well, Clancy spoke a bit differently.

"I'll be blunt. We aren't profitable at this point," said Clancy in a recent interview. "Amazon has been extremely supportive of Twitch."

"I'll be blunt. We aren't profitable at this point."

- Dan Clancy

Amazon, who acquired Twitch for $1 Billion back in 2014, has been doing a lot to keep the site afloat. From many different promotions to their Twitch Prime benefits, the company has helped Twitch stay afloat all these years.

"A big thing for being sustainable over time is ensuring that we don't lose money. That's what's going to make sure we are here for the long term."

Well, Clancy... hopefully your earlier words do not reflect the company's future.

Twitch laid off over 500 employees just days ago

The concerning part about this news is the fact that Twitch also laid off over 500 employees to start off 2024. When the news first came out, many just thought was a simple beginning-of-the-year layoff.

I mean... a lot of companies do that, right? Sure, but do a lot of companies then announce how unprofitable they are? Probably not.

At the moment, the main thing keeping Twitch online it seems is Amazon. Amazon has been a prime factor in the company's success. Their Twitch Prime benefits, for one, have kept a lot of viewers on the platform.

But even Clancy doesn't seem hopeful for Amazon's support in the future.

When asked about the future of Twitch Prime, Clancy seemed to really beat around the bush, not giving viewers an exact answer. However, he did end it by saying Prime is a very important part of their platform, and they hope to see it stay in the long term.

Whether or not Twitch is in a bad spot is still yet to be decided, but things are not looking the best at the moment. Still, many hope that Twitch figures things out, as it is one of the best and biggest platforms for live streamers on the internet.

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