The First Descendant, just like many other games before it, has a long list of trophies and achievements you can unlock.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play looter shooter. It has a slew of characters, with wild movement, rapid gun play, and powerful abilities. With it being on multiple platforms, The First Descendant comes with trophies and achievements you can unlock.

From story-based ones you can't miss to challenges that will test you, we've got you covered with all of them.

All trophies and achievements in The First Descendant

(Image via NEXON)
(Image via NEXON)

Achievements can be earned through Xbox systems and on Steam. Those of you on PlayStation, however, will be familiar with the trophy system. The First Descendant has an extra trophy on PlayStation, the Platinum one that unlocks after all others are completed.

  • The True Descendant (Platinum) - Obtain all other trophies.
  • Ready to Move On? - Complete Retrieve the Ironheart operation and return to Albion.
  • First Sweep Operation - Complete all available missions and Descendant duties in Kingston.
  • Hope Within the Dust - Complete all available missions and Descendant duties in The Sterile Land.
  • Knock, Knock! Who is it? - Complete all available missions and Descendant duties in Vespers.
  • Pre-emptive Strike for the Future - Complete a Void Intercept Battle for the first time.
  • I Can See the Future of the Colossi - Complete 10 Void Intercept Battles.
  • Power! O, Infinite Power! - Reach Mastery Rank Level 10.
  • Is This How You Insert It? - Equip a module for the first time.
  • This Is Great, Sevenfold - Enhance any module to +7.
  • And Combining, to Boot - Combine modules 7 times.
  • Execute Order 77 - Dismantle modules 77 times.
  • Slot Maketh Module - Assign module socket types 10 times.
  • Place for Something Special - Expand the module capacity of a weapon that uses Special Rounds.
  • Modules Maketh Descendant - Expand a Descendant’s Module Capacity.
  • Ready, Extract, Complete - Level up a weapon through Weapon Transmission.
  • Growing Possibility - Enhance a weapon’s Unique Ability for the first time.
  • Out of Weapons - Dismantle weapons 50 times.
  • This Reaction’s a First - Enhance a Reactor for the first time.
  • The Sensible Life of Research - Complete research for the first time.
  • No Hope for the Vulgus - Obtain an Ultimate tier weapon.
  • Descendants, Assemble - Own 5 Descendants.
  • What Was Always Expected - Reach Level 40 with any Descendant.
  • Special Operation Task Squad - Clear up to Wave Seven in the Kingston Albion Resource Defense mission.
  • Good Things Happen Twice - Successfully remove Colossi part 2 times (excluding Retrieve the Ironheart operation).

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