Different Playstyles call for different choices.

The First Descendant is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game that follows a particular storyline through to victory. With the fate of humanity’s survival in your hands, there’s a lot of responsibility to ensure that you see it through to victory. Once you start the game, you are presented with a choice. A choice to choose your Descendant from three. We have this short guide to help you through this difficult choice.

Which Descendant should you choose in The First Descendant?

The First Descendant offers new players an option to choose their base Descendant from a choice of three. Over time, the choice of this Descendant will dictate how you approach the game. Each Descendant has different strengths and weaknesses and it is important to choose the one that best suits your playstyle. So without further ado, here are the three choices and in which situation you should choose one or the other.


Ajax is a Descendant that is really difficult to kill. Described as a Tanker who utilizes Void Energy, Ajax is best known for his Force Field. With skills that create barriers to block damage, both for self-use as well as to protect allies, Ajax requires the team to play together. This Descendant is perfect when playing with friends as you can coordinate with your teammates to take down objectives.

This Descendant does have some damage abilities as well. The Expulsion ensures he can deal damage to nearby enemies while also knocking them back. The Orbit Barrier reflects damage onto the enemy. 

All in all, Ajax is a Descendant that you should want to play best when you have other players playing alongside you. This will ensure you can synergize  your abilities. While you can always barrier yourself and protect yourself, in the latter stages of the game it becomes more important to have the numbers and protect teammates as well.


Lepic has a Prosthetic arm and that is a weapon of mass destruction. He can launch grenades from that arm and if that isn’t cool enough for you, he also has a lot of HP. The grenades deal Burn damage, and tow damage to the enemies as well. A peculiar ability of this Descendant is the Close Call. Close Call enables him to grant DMG immunity and Immobilization when receiving fatal damage. When the Close Call ends, he recovers HP proportional to own Max HP. 

Lepic is pure destruction and will deal the maximum damage. The Descendant is the perfect choice for players that prefer to be extremely active, and a lot less tactical in their approach. Lepic hurls grenades and these grenades deal immense damage to opponents.


Viessa is a debuffer that uses Chill at Will. That is the official description. The Descendant recovers the shield at the fastest pace outside of combat. However, she is a debuffer who can remove most of the debuffs from allies and herself. 

Viessa deals damage over time using the Blizzard skill. It is great to take control over a particular area. Her next ability, Frost Road also deals damage, although the Ice Sheets on the ground. Enemies are shackled when they come in touch with the Frost Road and this is a great ability to control a large area. 

The Debuff is the core concept of Viessa. While she doesn’t have a lot of damage, her skills will prove useful in the latter stages of the game. Unlike Lepic who will deal a lot of damage, Viessa will require a bit more tactical positioning and gameplay in the latter stages of the game.

For the most part, the early stages of the game are fairly easy to play. With most of the opponents being low-level opponents, it is easy to take them on and proceed in the storyline in the early stages. In the latter stages is where team synergy comes into play and that’s also when new Boss fights and the story will determine the course of action. 

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