Yes, you can play with friends, but there’s a small twist.

The First Descendant releases in early July and players worldwide are eagerly waiting to try out this game. With a futuristic story, one that promises you will be the savior of humanity, the story will not disappoint. But amidst all the story, there’s also a lot of action throughout the game. With Boss Fights and otherwise, the big question on everyone’s mind is whether The First Descendant is Multiplayer or not. Here’s what we know.

Is The First Descendant Multiplayer?

The First Descendant is a PvE (Player versus Environment) game. It has no PvP game mode, which means you will not be fighting against other players in the game. Players will come together to take on Boss fights and they will collaborate with each other to progress through the game. The developers  Beomjun Lee and Minseok Joo, the Producer and Director, respectively, at Nexon Games confirmed this information in one of their recent videos.

The First Shooter will have teams of up to four players trying to survive boss fights. These ‘teams’ can come together to challenge large mobs or even in the Void Intercept battles. There are also other game modes such as Consecutive Survival and Consecutive Defense where you have to survive for as long as possible. And you need allies for this.

Players can get help from friends throughout the game campaign. This will ensure there is no challenge that is so big that it is impossible to go through the game. You can take help from friends online and you can ensure that you sail through the game with ease.

The First Descendant releases on July 2 amidst much fanfare. The game promises an enthralling experience for players. With the PvE experience, it will be a way to unite players to move towards a common goal. 

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