Tekken 8 Merch available: Everything you need to know cover image

Tekken 8 Merch available: Everything you need to know

Time to break the bank, there’s a lot of Tekken 8 merch on the way and already available for pre-order.

Tekken 8 seems like it’s going to welcome merch with open arms. For skin-crazed gamers like myself, this is a dream come true.

There’s a boatload of content coming in every season. Soon, you’ll be able to make Devil Jin look any way you want, in spiffy new clothes too. Let’s crack into it!

All Tekken 8 merch so far

Tekken 8’s first season dropped a collection of merch for gamers. As the seasons go on, expect more merch to drop. Hopefully, you can get your hands on every single item, even the limited edition pieces.

Season One 

UNIQLO Tekken 8 Merch

Firstly, Tekken 8’s logo-themed shirts. These bad boys come in various designs and feature the logos of each Tekken title. These shirts are purchasable inside actual UNIQLO stores around the globe. This particular merch drop was a part of the UNIQLO and Tekken 30th Anniversary collaboration in late February 2024 which featured in-game items purchasable through the Fight Lounge.

Tekken 8 Soundtrack CD

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Tekken 8’s Soundtrack CD was also featured in the early stages of season one. Players looking to get their hands on this can get four Soundtrack CDs with a collection of stickers and an information booklet about the tracks themselves. The booklet shares what the composers were using as their inspiration during the creative process. There is a total of 170 minutes of music, one of the more appealing Tekken 8 merch items announced during the February 19 Tekken 8 livestream.

The 42-track OST physical CD release is on March 13, but you can pre-order on Animate International. It costs 6182¥ Japanese Yen, which is around $41 USD.

Posters - Both Limited Edition and Base

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

The limited edition, metallic poster released on February 19 featured Jin and Kazuya. If you’re looking to get your hands on the poster, there were only 1000 in circulation. However, there are other collections of each Tekken installment floating around to be purchased.

Shibori Threads Tekken 8 Merch

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Players looking to style up their kit, look no further than the Shibori Tekken-themed threads. The merch follows the traditional Japanese tie-dye. If you’re looking for that, head to the Shibori Threads website and follow the steps to purchase your gear. 

Tekken 8 official mousemat

One of the more inexpensive Tekken 8 merch items is the official Gaming Mousepad which is XXL and comes with an inbuilt LED border. The $44 USD Mousepad is available for pre-order on the Bandai Namco Store, and will be released on June 1, 2024.

Edwin and Tekken 30th Anniversary

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Edwin Denim collaborated with the Tekken team. Players who want to spice up their denim collection can purchase Tekken-themed gear.

Tekken 8 x S.H. Figuarts

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Looking to bolster your figurine collection? The S.H. Figuarts and Tekken collaboration has an amazing Jin and Kazuya collectible to get your hands on.

The Tekken 8 Jin and Kazuya figurines will be released in September 2024 according to the website. You can already pre-order the figurines for ¥8,800 Japanese Yen, around $46 USD.

Tekken 8 x Good Smile Company 

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Another figurine to get your hands on is the Tekken 8 and Good Smile Company collab that created the tiny Ling Xiaoyu. It fits in the palm of your hand and can be moved to make different poses.

Nendoroid Ling Xiaoyu is available for pre-order until April 3, 2024. The adorable Tekken 8 figurine costs around $50 USD.

Victrix Peripherals - Tekken 8 themed merch

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Gamers looking to harness the old-school method of fighting games can use the Victrix Peripherals gear. Here’s what you can get:

  • Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller: Rage Art
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Tournament Backpack
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: Jin
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: Kazuya
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: King
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: Law
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: Lili
  • Tekken 8 Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick: Xiaoyu

The Victrix Pro hardware will launch in Japan in April 2024, with NA, LATM, EU, AU and AS to follow in June 2024.

The list of Tekken 8 merch essentially never-ending. So, if you’re looking for that special gear to showcase how much you love Tekken, check in to see if there are more updates in the future. 

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