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How to turn off Special Style in Tekken 8

How am I supposed to combo if Special Style is off?

Tekken 8’s Special Style isn’t for everyone. So, for you experienced martial arts connoisseurs, let’s get rid of it already.

It’s not the worst thing to keep on if you’re looking to go toe-to-toe with some of the best fighters in the game. But, if it keeps getting in the way, it’s best to remove it.

What is Special Style?

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Special Style in Tekken 8 is great for beginners looking to learn the ropes. Depending on your chosen character, you’ll have a selection of powerful moves at your disposal.

This means you’ll be able to do combos with the tap of a button. Once unattainable moves are now the easiest to complete. Now, you’ll be able to take anyone down. So long as you manage to hit your opponent. 

You'll also be able to use your Heat Burst as part of the Special Style control scheme. Press R1 or your corresponding button to begin your Heat Burst move set. Keep spamming the same button to use up all your Heat Burst meter.

How to turn off Special Style in Tekken 8

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Like Special Style itself, turning it off is as simple as pushing a button. To activate and deactivate Special Style in Tekken 8, press L1 on your PlayStation 5 controller. There are ways to get rid of it for good, so don't stress.

For those not using a PlayStation, you can see what your bind is in your Settings. To locate this:

  • Scroll down in the Main Menu to Options
  • Open Options
  • Go to Controller Setup
  • Locate Special Style bind in the list

If you’re accidentally bumping your Special Style button midway through your Tekken 8 match, there is a simple way to get rid of it, once and for all. To remove Special Style, follow the instructions above to get to your binds.

The next step is to attach a different bind to Special Style that corresponds with another bind. This will remove the original bind, so, you’ll have to go back and put it back where it was. Once you’ve done this, your Special Style bind will be gone.

It's almost too easy.

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