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How to unlock the Tekken 8 ‘Hope’ ending

Wanting the Hope ending in Tekken 8?

A popular component of the new Tekken 8 title is the fact that there is more than one ending for the game. This means that your playstyles, choices and more can drastically affect the direction in which the storyline goes. One of these popular endings, the "Hope" ending, has been a favorite amongst fans.

Here is how to unlock the Hope ending in Tekken 8.

Unlocking the Hope ending in Tekken 8

Unlocking the Hope ending in Tekken 8 is a lot easier than it sounds. When playing through the chapters of the game, play as the game's true protagonist, Jin Kazama. This is who you want to play as to unlock the Hope ending.

This means, that by the end of Chapter 15, you must finish victoriously playing as Jin to unlock the Hope ending. Do not lose.

This is a spoiler-free article, so no details will be revealed about exactly what unfolds during the Hope ending, so suit up as Jin and prepare to take on your opponents.

Tekken 8 additional endings

There is one more ending in Tekken 8 that players can unlock, and it literally has the exact opposite name of the popular Hope ending.

  • Despair ending

The Despair ending happens if Jin Kazama does not end up winning during the final chapter. After six battles, if Jin loses to Kazuya, then the Despair ending takes place.

As you can probably presume, the Despair ending is a much sadder ending than the Hope ending, so those looking for a darker twist in the game will enjoy this alternative.

About Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is the newest installment in the popular Tekken franchise, which comprises of multiple fighting games. Similar to games such as Street Fighter and more, Tekken 8 pits characters against each other in a series of fighting matches, tournaments and more.

The Tekken series also has a great competitive esports scene, as many different tournaments are held around the world.

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