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Modern made simple: What is Tekken 8 Special Style

Not sure how to complete a successful combo? Special Style has you covered.

Tekken 8’s Special Style is one of the newest ways to tailor your fighting experience. Players from all walks of life can enjoy this method of gameplay. So, let’s learn what it is.

There are tons of new additions to Tekken 8. This particular step in the franchise delivers bigger hits, and new abilities to match. Get yourself ready to experience all the mind-blowing combos, characters, maps, and art styles on a whole new scale. 

Fortunately for the newer players, it seems Tekken 8’s made it easier for newer players to get the swing of things.

What is Tekken 8’s Special Style

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Tekken 8’s Special Style is a simplified controller scheme that’ll make your combos significantly easier to hit.

Typically, it’ll show four combos to use on your opponents down the bottom left or right side of your screen. This depends on what side you choose of course.

Designed to help newer players

Tekken 8’s Special Style is an avenue for newer players to get used to combat. Fear not, experienced gamers will remain on top. These combos aren’t the most in-depth move sets and leave out a large portion of the Tekken 8 competitive gameplay. This is just a good way to get you started.

How to toggle Tekken 8’s Special Style on and off

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To use Tekken 8’s Special Style, all you have to do is press L1. This opens the menu for the Special Style, showcasing certain moves you can do easily. Tapping L1 again will toggle it off as well.

Now, you can choose to do any of the shown combos. Typically, these are as simple as pressing the square button four times, but they’ll do the trick. This particular method is simplistic but, it’s useful to those starting out. 

In your Special Style move set, you’ll see:

  • Specialty Move
  • Air Combos
  • Power Crush
  • Low Attacks/Throws
  • Heat Burst 

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