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Does Tekken 8 have microtransactions?

Does Tekken 8 require in-game purchases after you’ve bought the full game?

In today's gaming world, it seems like every title released wants to make gamers pay full price for the game, and then have an additional amount of content locked behind microtransactions. You never tend to get the full game anymore just from purchasing it, and always have to spend additional money if you want the full experience.

With the release of Tekken 8, many are wondering if the new fighting game has microtransactions, or has it stayed true to its predecessors, giving gamers the full game at retail price.

Microtransactions in Tekken 8: Are there any?

Many games in today's climate have adopted the microtransactions strategy. Games such as Fortnite, Warzone, Valorant and more all rely on in-game purchases to make their money. While those games may be free, there are still titles such as GTA Online, Battlefront 2 and more that have microtransactions even after you purchase the game for full price.

Tekken 8, which costs $69.99 USD, is a game many are wondering whether or not it will also have microtransactions. With the new increase in cost for many titles, including Tekken 8, fans can only hope that this is the only price they will need to pay when playing the new fighting title.

So does Tekken 8 have any microtransactions?

Gamers will be delighted to know that no, Tekken 8 does not have any microtransactions. (Update Feb 17: Bandai Namco announced an upcoming Tekken 8 Shop with "In-Game Purchases") Although, not every in-game cosmetic will be available upon purchase of the game. Players will still have to complete various levels and challenges before unlocking specific costumes, characters and more.

Prepare for the fight of your life

Tekken 8 has officially dropped, and fans around the world have been rushing to play the new fighting game. Many famous Tekken characters have returned, such as Jin, Kazuya and more. The game is currently available to play on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

With many tournaments already being setup with the esports scene, many are ready for a year full of Tekken.

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