News of the Tekken 8 Shop has raised questions about microtransactions and in-game purchases. Here’s everything we know so far about the shop.

Official news that a Tekken Shop with in-game purchases will be added to Tekken 8 in an upcoming update has the community divided on what it could mean. However, we dived into the ESRB rating change to find the answer.

Tekken Shop information (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment)
Tekken Shop information (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Tekken 8 Shop explained

Details of the Tekken Shop were revealed during the Tekken Talk Live stream on Feb. 20. According to the presentation, the Tekken Shop will be a new feature that offers a variety of customization items for players to buy. These will include legacy character costumes and character-themed avatar skins. Additionally, new items will be added to the shop either once or twice a month. Players will be able to access the Tekken 8 by visiting the store area and talking to the employee there.

"So yes, it was mentioned that — we hear that some people have kind of an allergic reaction when they hear 'shop,' etc., but it's more of trying to update the game and keep it fresh with new customization items," according to marketing producer Naoya Yasuda.

"And as you've seen what we did with Tekken 7, you know, we try to refresh the game and to provide a better experience overall rather than trying to make money off these individual items," he added. "So the thinking is the same for Tekken 8 in that we're trying to make it a better game. And this is one of the ways that we plan to do that. So please keep that in mind."

No microtransaction at launch

With over 2 million copies sold since it's launch on Jan. 26, Tekken 8 launch has been a success. Interestingly, the Bandai Namco's fighting game did not include any microtransactions at launch.

Every item in Tekken 8 is currently either free or unlockable by Fight Points, which can be earned rather swiftly in a multitude of ways. This however, is about to change, and could well be linked to the upcoming spring release of Eddy Gordo, the first DLC character.

The Tekken Shop in Tekken 8 will include in-game purchases, according to an official developer update (Image via <a href="">Yellow_Motion</a>)
The Tekken Shop in Tekken 8 will include in-game purchases, according to an official developer update (Image via Yellow_Motion)

While some members of the community look at the news as a cup half full and believe Fight Money will still be an option for purchases, other fans are wary of in-game purchases going too far and putting all desired new content behind a paywall.

Although the phrase "time will tell" has been thrown around, Bandai Namco did give us a trail to follow for those impatient to know more. Based on the small print in the update post referencing the change to the ESRB rating and the livestream itself, we can draw some conclusions of what the Tekken 8 shop will include.

Will the Tekken 8 shop have microtransactions?

Yes, it is extremely likely the Tekken 8 shop will have microtransactions due to the change in its ESRB rating to include the in-game purchases label. The label is only assigned to games that offer purchasable items using real world currency or in-game currency bought with real world currency. According to the ESRB website, these can include things such as cosmetic items or season passes.

"The ESRB rating has been updated with the following interactive element In-Game Purchases"

Tekken 8 update announcement
Asuka and Lili (Image via
Asuka and Lili (Image via

Will Tekken 8 have loot boxes?

No, based on the ESRB rating change, Tekken 8 will not have randomized elements such as loot boxes. This is down to the fact the ESRB rating change is in-game purchases and not the new in-game purchases (includes random items), which was introduced in 2020. This means there will not — at least for now — be any randomized item drops such as loot boxes or cosmetic bundles.

The competition isn't afraid of microtransactions

Both Capcom's Street Fighter 6 and NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat 1 have embraced the modern era of microtransactions, and the idea that you might have to pay for some content is far from a massive shock.