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How to link Overwatch accounts across console and PC? cover image

How to link Overwatch accounts across console and PC?


You need to link your console account to if you want to bring your progression into Overwatch 2. Here’s how to do it.

With the release of Overwatch 2, there’s thousands of players transitioning from the original game to the new one. Players coming into Overwatch 2 with multiple accounts need to merge their accounts before they can play the new game. Here’s how to link and merge your Overwatch accounts.
Overwatch 2 will feature cross-progression between console and accounts. Players’ account data will be synced across console and However, for this to be effective, it is important that players merge their Overwatch accounts.
  1. If you haven’t already,  complete your account registration here
  2. Go to and check your connections tab
  3. In the ‘Connected Accounts Section’ check for XBOX Live, Nintendo and Playstation Network connections.
  4. If your account already has a console account linked to it. Each account may only have one PSN, one XBox Live, and one Nintendo Switch account linked to it.
  5. Check if your console account is already linked to a different account. The same console account cannot be linked to multiple accounts
  6. Un-link wrong accounts 
  7. Link the correct account

How to bring my Overwatch 1 progress into Overwatch 2?

Blizzard games featuring Cross-Progression store your progress on your account, not your Console account. After Cross-Progression is enabled, and your Console and accounts have merged, the Console account will no longer contain your progress such as cosmetics, Overwatch 1 credits, competitive points, and golden weapons unless it is linked to your account.

Overwatch 2 has a unified system wherein progress from consoles and PC will reflect on your Overwatch 2 account. This means polayers can take their progress irrespecitve of the platform they are playing on and can continue to display their favorite skins and carry their currency with them. Overwatch 2 requires a account to play, so you have to merge your Console account with if you wish to bring your achievements from Overwatch 1 into the free-to-play game.
Overwatch 2 went live on October 4 amidst much fan-fare. Twitch streamers and several returning players have flocked to the game and have praised the game’s visuals and feel. Overall, Overwatch 2 seems to be a decent success so far. 
However, the launch was not entirely smooth as Blizzard had to face several connection issues, server issues and more. Some players who have pre-purchased the Watchpoint pack reported their accounts missing Overwatch coins and cosmetics from the pack.
However, Activision Blizzard devs have said they are actively working on all problems. With the initial DDOS attacks coming to an end, more players should be able to get into the servers and play Overwatch 2 with their friends.
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