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How to fix missing items in Overwatch?

How to get your missing items in Overwatch? All heroes locked in Overwatch 2? Here’s the fix.

Overwatch 2 has been one of the most anticipated games of 2022. The sequel to Blizzard’s hit FPS game promised a story mode, improved graphics and a better game engine. While it has not shipped all features at launch (the story mode is missing), the game has faced other problems at launch. One of the most notable ones has been players missing items and data from Overwatch accounts.

Most notable were the DDOS attacks resulting in server issues. Players who bought the $40 Watchpoint packs did not see their rewards in-game. Others simply could not access their accounts because Blizzard set up an SMS protect system requirement for Overwatch accounts, a move that it had to scale back a few days later after the community reported multiple problems. And some users are also reporting issues with missing items and data from their Overwatch accounts as they transition from one game to the next. 

Why are my items missing in Overwatch?

After a thorough investigation, Blizzard has concluded that some accounts have reported missing items either completely or partially. One of the reasons for the missing items, especially for console players, has been the lack of an account merge prompt on some consoles. 

One cause for this is due to a bug with the launch build not providing an account merge prompt on some consoles. 

And in some other cases, it’;s just taking longer than expected for items to transfer to Overwatch 2 and populate players’ inventories. 

So does this mean your items are gone forever? No. On the contrary, Blizzard has reassured everyone that all items are perfectly safe and will be visible in Overwatch 2 inventories before long. 

No player data has been wiped or lost.

When will I see all my items in Overwatch 2?

In its October 6 blogpost, Blizzard revealed they have a client-side fix (possibly via an update) that will resolve these issues. However, the update will most likely roll out next week (so around October 13, 2022). Till then players can continue enjoying the free-to-play Overwatch 2 with their friends and grinding through the ranked modes if they so desire without worrying about their items. 

Account merger problems where players had trouble logging in should now be resolved. Players coming from console accounts need to merge their accounts with accounts in order to enjoy Overwatch 2. They also have to set up their phone numbers to link with their Overwatch 2 accounts.

I come from Overwatch 1 but my heroes and items are locked in Overwatch 2

In a separate issue that is creating problems for existing Overwatch players, some of them have reported they are seeing locked heroes and absence of their items. This is due to incorrectly applied First Time user experience for these accounts. Basically Overwatch has incorrectly tagged your account as a new user. If you feel you have been incorrectly tagged as a new user, you can send a support ticket to Blizzard asking for your account to be unflagged. 

You can send a support ticket to Blizzard via their official contact page here.