Warcraft Rumble Alliance Leaders: A guide to the Alliance leaders’ abilities, talents, playstyle and strengths and weaknesses.

If you're an Alliance fan in the Warcraft universe, you'll be glad to know that two iconic Leaders have made it into Warcraft Rumble; Tirion Fordring and Jaina Proudmoore. Leaders are the equivalent of Hero units and come with their own natural Leader Ability plus three talents. We'll walk you through them all plus the Alliance Leaders' strengths and weaknesses in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble Alliance Leaders

Warcraft Rumble Alliance Leaders: Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, Jaina Proudmoore
Warcraft Rumble Alliance Leaders: Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, Jaina Proudmoore

Tirion Fordring

  • Playstyle: Tirion suits aggressive players who love to win through brute strength
  • Strengths: High HP, great at soaking up Tower DMG. Can Heal Allies and become damage immune temporarily through Divine Shield talent
  • Weaknesses: Single-target, can't attack air units, talents outside of Divine Shield underwhelming
Tirion Warcraft rumble
Leader Ability

Tirion Fordring egularly Heals all nearby friendly units
divine shield
Divine Shield (Talent)
Gain a magical shield at 30% health, absorbing all damage for 5 seconds
by the light
By the Light (Talent)
Heal the primary target for twice as much
Consecrate (Talent)
Regularly consecrate the ground nearby dealing AOE damage
Tirion Fordring's ability and talents in Warcraft Rumble

In Warcraft Rumble, Tirion Fordring is a high health tank who has 50% Physical Damage reduction, making him excellent for taking Tower hits. Tirion's Leader Ability is he performs an AOE heal, just as a Paladin should.

If you plan to stick to Alliance Minis, Tirion works great alongside Footmen, and the extra 280 HP heal from the Holy Nova Spell synergises well for a great pushing squad. Just bear in mind, Tirion is a melee hero and has no anti-air!

Tirion Fordring's talents includes Divine Shield, the iconic Paladin ability in the Warcraft universe, which absorbs ALL damage for 5 seconds when at 30% health. Easily his best talent.

Maiev Shadowsong

  • Playstyle: Maiev suits players who love stealth and innovation to achieve victory
  • Strengths: is Unbound, so can be placed anywhere. Strong versus Squads due to AOE and versus ranged units due to Stealth. Double damage and AOE stealth talent
  • Weaknesses: Low HP, unable to hit air units, most expensive Alliance Leader (6 gold)
Maiev Shadowsong Warcraft rumble
Leader Ability
Maiev's cost is reduced by 1 for each Unbound troop you play
Remorseless (Talent)
Deal double damage for 2 seconds after killing an enemy
Enveloping shadows
Enveloping Shadows (Talent)
Cast Smoke Bomb on deploy, applying Stealth to nearby allies
Shadow Step
Shadow Step (Talent)
Periodically teleport to a ranged attacker when hit
Maiev Shadowsong's ability and talents in Warcraft Rumble

Maiev Shadowsong is a tricky Leader but plenty of fun if you enjoy the Unbound units and taking your enemies by surprise. Maiev costs 6 Gold, which makes her the most expensive Alliance Leader by far. However, her Leader Ability is she costs 1 less for each Unbound troop you play.

Therefore, if you do go for Maiev Shadowsong, ensure you have a S.A.F.E. Pilot or Worgen in your comp or another Unbound unit from a different faction.

A well-placed Maiev Shadowsong can disrupt your enemies by taking out their ranged units or their gold-mining Kobold. Her AOE can also wipe a squad, but head-to-head with a decent melee unit and Maiev gets squished. Maiev has Stealth, as do Alliance's Worgens and Defias Bandits, so going a semi-Stealth comp is worth a shot. Just balance it out with a strong melee unit and a decent anti-air.

Jaina Proudmoore

  • Playstyle: Jaina suits players who love AoE Spells, as she boosts their level whenever she is in play
  • Strengths: Low-cost (3 gold), Good vs Air units, Strong vs Armored Units due to dealing elemental damage, boosts Spell levels.
  • Weaknesses: Incredibly low HP, easily sniped by AOE spells, single target
Jaina Proudmoore Warcraft rumble
Leader Ability
Jaina Proudmoore increases the Level of your Spells by 3 while she is in play
Blink (Talent)
Periodically teleport away from attackers
Clearcasting Warcraft Rumble
Clearcasting (Talent)
Spells cost 1 less (but no less than 1) if played immediately after Jaina
Flurry (Talent)
Frostbolts burst on impact, Frosting enemies near the target.
Jaina Proudmoore's ability and talents in Warcraft Rumble

One of the most iconic heroes in Warcraft Alliance Lore, Jaina Proudmoore is the default Leader given to new players in Warcraft Rumble. Unlike Tirion and Maiev, she is a low-cost Leader and is a good all-rounder. Her Leader Ability makes your spells significantly more powerful when she is in play, which will be most of the time given she only costs 3 gold.

Jaina also deals Elemental DMG, which makes her surprisingly good versus armored units despite her fragility.

While Jaina's Blink talent may seem like it solves her squishyness, it definitely doesn't as she can simply be killed by Unbound units or AOE spells. You'll be better to opt for Clearcasting as your first choice, followed by Flurry. Compared to other Leaders, Jaina's impact is more as a support unit that a destructive DPSer. That said, using her as your Alliance Leader ticks a box for anti-air, freeing up space in your comp!

What's the best Alliance Leader in Warcraft Rumble?

Tirion is the best of the three Alliance Leaders. Even without talents he has an AOE heal plus very high base HP. He also can be placed anywhere and do DMG. Maiev in Jaina in comparison can change the field of battle, but are just too easily wiped out by a single Spell due to low HP or through poor initial placement.

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