Warcraft Rumble now live for everyone cover image

Warcraft Rumble now live for everyone

Here’s what to expect in Blizzard’s mobile game!

Warcraft Rumble is now live worldwide, which means players can download it on their phones and unleash some joyful chaos! Read on for what to expect in the game and more.

Warcraft Rumble now live

Folks with Android and iOS devices can now jump into Warcraft Rumble. This is an action and strategy game that puts a spin on the Warcraft universe. In Warcraft Rumble, characters from across Azeroth become miniature figures and duke it out in various game modes. These include solo dungeons, quests, a PvE campaign, PvP action, plus a heroic campaign.

In an interview with esports.gg, the team behind Warcraft Rumble detailed how the game features a lot of Easter eggs made by veteran Warcraft folks. These references are not just in the form of characters we all know and love, but they're also embedded in Warcraft Rumble in terms of sound effects.

Warcraft Rumble Season 1 and beyond

The first season of the game arrives alongside Sylvanas Windrunner as a new leader unit. According to Blizzard, the game will add new units, zones, features, and dungeons over the next few months. The game will also have raids in the future. The first one, Molten Core, will arrive in 2024.

During the BlizzCon 2023 Opening Ceremony, Blizzard showcased the Warcraft Rumble launch cinematic as well. It featured different units rushing at Onyxia. Jaina then entered the scene and charged at the dragon. However, it was to no avail!

In Warcraft Rumble's campaign mode, players must defeat various bosses, unlock new areas on the map, and upgrade their units before facing Onyxia in the endgame.

Those who wish to check out Warcraft Rumble can install it through either Google Play or the App Store.

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