The right combination of Elemental damage might give you victory.

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest title by miHoYo, the developer behind the hit game Genshin Impact, and also the second title in the Honkai series. As you look to master the game, there is one key feature you need to familiarize yourself with and those are elements. Here’s’s complete guide to elements in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail: All 7 Elements Explained

There are seven elements in Honkai: Star Rail, which are Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary. Each of the 27 characters in the game is assigned to a different element and deals damage based on the elemental class they belong to.

So why do you have to care about Elements in Honkai: Star Rail? This is because they play an important role in winning battles in this turn-based RPG. Enemy characters will have weaknesses to one or more elements. When you attack them with the element they are weak to, you will reduce their toughness (indicated by the white bar above the HP).

When the toughness is completely depleted, it will trigger a Weakness Break, depending on the last element used on the character. This Weakness Break is a much stronger offense and different elements cause different effects. Read on to find out what they are.

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Here are the Weakness Break effects

Four of the elements in Honkai: Star Rail have a basic Weakness Break, which is that they apply damage over time. Usually, this lasts for two turns.

  • Physical: Bleed effect is applied
  • Fire: Burn effect is applied
  • Wind: Wind Shear effect is applied
  • Lightning: Shock effect is applied

The other three elements have some additional offense as well. These are as follows.

  • Ice: This will apply the frozen effect which immobilizes the enemy.
  • Quantum: When this elemental Weakness Break is activated, the enemy character’s action is delayed. They will further receive additional Quantum damage in the next attack.
  • Imaginary: This element delays the enemies’ action and reduces their speed.

Honkai: Star Rail elements and characters list

Each of the 27 characters which are available in the game belongs to a different element. These are as follows:

  • Physical: Clara, Natasha, Sushang
  • Fire: Asta, Himeko, Hook
  • Ice: Gepard, Herta, March 7th, Pela, Yanqing
  • Lightning: Arlan, Bailu, Jing Yuan, Kafka, Serval, Tingyun
  • Wind: Blade, Bronya, Dan Heng, Sampo
  • Quantum: Fu Xuan, Qingque, Seele, Silver Wolf
  • Imaginary: Luocha, Welt

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