5-Star characters are the most sought after and can be ridiculously powerful if handled correctly. Here’s a breakdown of all sixteen currently in the game.

There are currently sixteen playable characters that are of the 5-star rarity in Honkai Star Rail. These are supposedly the strongest and rarest characters in the game, and MiHoYo introduces several new 5-star characters with every new major update.

Honkai: Star Rail's characters are a big reason behind the game's popularity.
Honkai: Star Rail's characters are a big reason behind the game's popularity.

You start the game with Trailblazer, your 5-star protagonist but you will need to use Star Rail Passes to unlock additional 5-stars.

All 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail

Characters in Honkai: Star Rail follow different Paths and Elements, influencing their abilities and statistics. A good balance of different Elements and Paths makes a strong comp for your team.

In version 1.3 of Honkai Star Rail there are 16 5-star characters including the main character Trailblazer. in version 1.4 two more will be added, Ice Jingliu and Quantum Topaz.

5-Star Character
Dan Heng - Imhibitor LunaeImaginaryDestruction
Fu XuanQuantumPreservation
Jing YuanLightningErudition
SeeleQuantumThe Hunt
Silver WolfQuantumNihility
YanqingIceThe Hunt
The current 5-star characters available on HonkaI Star Rail

How to get 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail

5-Star characters are the trickiest to get but the more you Warp the greater the chance. You are guaranteed a 5-star character or Light Cone for every 90 Warps you make. What is more if you make 300 Star Rail Pass regular Warps you can choose from one of eight free 5-star characters. Yes, a FREE 5-star.

The Top Five 5-star characters

With sixteen 5-stars it might be difficult to know who is really the cream of the crop. Here is our picks for the top five 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail version 1.3.


  • Path: Abundance
  • Element: Lightning

Bailu is one of the best healers in Honkai: Star Rail. Most healers have to target one member of the part at once to dedicate healing to. Bailu can give that to multiple team members at once.

Bailu character art from Honkai: Star Rail.
Bailu character art from Honkai: Star Rail.

She also has a passive ability to revive a fallen ally during battle once per battle, making her an incredibly valuable team member, effectively making your party size grow by one.

Her healing is such a big staple of her character that is is written into her lore. She is known as the "Healer Lady" and is said to not be able to stand watching people suffer.


  • Path: Harmony
  • Element: Wind

Bronya Rand, shortened to just Bronya on her character name, is a Harmony/Wind 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is from the same orphanage as Seele and is an incredibly strong character in the game.

Bronya character art in Honkai: Star Rail.
Bronya character art in Honkai: Star Rail.

Bronya's skill is one of the strongest in the game. It gets rid of all debuffs and advances the enemy's turn by 100%, meaning it skips straight over and back to the player. It effectively means that the player can have two full runs of their turn back-to-back.

Her ultimate buffs the entire team's attack and critical hit damage, making her almost essential to comp as the support.


  • Path: Preservation
  • Element: Ice

Gepard is a really strong option for a Honkai: Star Rail squad. The Ice/Preservation character's ability to freeze enemies AND do large amounts of damage all at the same time.

Gepard is a strong character to use as support in Honkai: Star Rail.
Gepard is a strong character to use as support in Honkai: Star Rail.

His Ultimate also gives the entire team a shield, and he has the ability to revive himself after receiving a killer blow. He can fill the gap of any role in a team in a pinch, whether that's healing or dealing damage.

Gepard is the captain of the Silvermane Guards on Belobog. His protection of the city is said to ensure that the city can continue its ordinary routine.


  • Path: Hunt
  • Element: Quantum

Seele is the first Event Banner character in Honkai: Star Rail. Players can unlock Seele through random chance in the Butterfly on Swordtip Warp.

5-star Character Seele is hidden behind the Butterfly on Swordtip Event Warp.
5-star Character Seele is hidden behind the Butterfly on Swordtip Event Warp.

Seele is a Quantum/Hunt character, who defies the norm when it comes to characters that are on the Hunt path. She, unlike other Hunt characters can excel in situations where she can attack more than one enemy at once.

Inhibitor Lunae

The original Dan Heng is a free starting character but through the storyline in version 1.2 we see a glimpse of his backstory as the Inhibitor Lunae. In a interesting twist, MiHoYo released Dan Heng Inhibitor Lunae as a completely separate 5-star character.

Inhibitor Lunae is the best DPS dealer alongside Seele due to his damage multipliers. He can consume multiple skill points (SP) to deal additional damage, making him incredibly powerful if you can manage your SP usage. To make the most of Inhibitor Lunae your party should be 3-protect-1. His Basic Attack is lethal, so be sure to level up the Traces for it first!

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