Hearthstone has had several expansions and metagames, but what was the most OP deck in its
history? Hearthstone Gamer Designer Chakki asked, and the community answered.

Hearthstone has been out for almost eight years now, and the question of which was the best deck EVER arises now and then. To answer this question, Keaton “Chakki” Gill, Hearthstone Game Designer, dusted his Twitter abilities and took it up to himself. In a series of polls that included the best decks of each Hearthstone expansion, 64 different archetypes battled to see which was the one to rule them all.

Hearthstone Best deck competition

In a format that Twitter users just love, Chakki set 64 decks to fight each other in a single-elimination bracket. Each match was solved by a 24hr poll in which the Hearthstone community could participate voting who they thought the most powerful deck was. Let the games begin!

The premises were simple: voters should consider decks at their most powerful (pre-nerfs) states and think their power level compared to the metagame they belonged to. Some players might not be familiar with older archetypes and metagames, but hey, this is Twitter, knowing things is not a prerequisite to expressing your opinion about them.

Jokes aside, Chakki put many memorable decks into the mix. Undertaker Hunter from Goblins versus Gnomes, Combo Druid from Classic, and even Unleash the Hounds Combo Hunter from the beta came back to life for a chance of being Hearthstone’s best deck. Of course, the deck  Hearthstone players are complaining about now, Thief Rogue, was there too!

Top 8 Best Decks

According to this Chakki’s Twitter poll competition (with random seeding), the best 8 Hearthstone decks of all times were the following (Images by Chakki):

Thief Rouge (Alterac Valley)
Thief Rouge (Alterac Valley)
Aggro Demon Hunter (Ashes of Outland) Best Hearthstone Deck ever
Aggro Demon Hunter (Ashes of Outland)
Cube Warlock (Witchwood) Hearthstone Deck
Cube Warlock (Witchwood)
Aggro Shaman (karazhan / Mean Streets of Gadgetzan)
Aggro Shaman (karazhan / Mean Streets of Gadgetzan)
Raza Priest (Kobolds & Catacombs) Hearthstone Deck
Raza Priest (Kobolds & Catacombs)
Quest Rogue (Ungoro) Hearthstone Deck
Quest Rogue (Ungoro)
Jade Druid (Knights of the Frozen Throne) Hearthstone Deck
Jade Druid (Knights of the Frozen Throne)
Quest Rogue (Witchwood) Hearthstone Deck
Quest Rogue (Witchwood)

Sadly for the nostalgic fans, no classic archetypes made it to the Top 8. However, according to Iksar, Hearthstone Lead Designer, the best winrate observed for any deck at the ladder ever was the 61% Classic Combo Druid had back in the day. Astonishingly, the deck went un-nerfed because it wasn’t that popular, and players didn’t mind it.

Before we go to the finals, honorable mention to Quest Rogue, that made it twice to the Top 8, despite the nerfs. I bet that the time will come that we will see The Caverns Below nerfed, yet again.

Hearthstone Best Deck Finalists

Finally, The last stance for Hearthstone most OP Deck was between two heavy contenders:

Aggro Demon Hunter (Ashes of Outland), a deck that had to be nerfed within 24 hours of existence

Hearthstone Deck

Quest Rogue (Ungoro version), a deck that even nerfed, made it twice to the Hearthstone’s Best Decks Top 8.

Hearthstone Deck

One deck to rule them all

Finally, the Aggro Demon Hunter won the finals by a landslide. With an obliterating 65% of the votes, the deck that had to be nerfed hours after Ashes of Outland was released is considered Hearthstone’s most OP deck ever. Furthermore, if you look at the list, you will realize that Blizzard nerfed over half of its cards. If that doesn’t give you the title of Hearthstone’s most OP deck in history, I don’t know what does.

I hope you liked this article. If you want to catch the next most OP Hearthstone deck before it becomes a piece of history, stay tuned to Esports.gg for more news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.


Manuel "Rane" Delgado

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