Everything you need to know about Hearthstone Ranking System, Seasonal Rewards, and Star Bonuses in this EsportsGG guide.

Hearthstone, like most games, has a ranking system in which players compete to see who’s the best. Attached to Hearthstone’s Ranking System, there is a Reward System that gives players packs, cards, and other in-game resources depending on how far they get each season. In this article, we are going to explain how Hearthstone Rankning System works and list the rewards offered in it.

Remember that Battlegrounds has its own Ranking System, so if you want to know more about it, check out this article that covers everything related to BGs MMR and Matchmaking system.

Current Hearthstone Ranking System

Commonly known as Ranked or Ladder, Hearthstone’s Ranked System reflects players' progress throughout each season or month. Currently, there are three separate Ranking Systems in Hearthstone: Standard, Wild, and Twist.

The Ranking system works the same for every Hearthstone Game mode and is divided into five Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each League, at the same time, consists of 10 Ranks.

Hearthstone Ranking System
Hearthstone Ranking System

What are Hearthstone Rank Floors?

Each League will have rank floors at rank 10 and rank 5, as it’s shown in the image above. This means that players that got to those checkpoints won’t be demoted no matter how much they lose. The same happens with Legend status, once you get there you will be in Legendary Ranks until the season reset.

Legendary Ranks

Legend is the pinnacle of Hearthstone’s Ranking System. In this exclusive and prestigious stage, players have their rank displayed as a number which indicates their absolute position in that region. Bear in mind that each server or region has its own Leaderboard, so there will be more than one “best player”.

Players can check the leaderboards at any time on Hearthstone’s official site. Each game mode will have its own, so there will be one for Standard, one for Wild, and one for Twist. The Standard ladder is one of the ways to be a part of Hearthstone's competitive circuit.

Stars and Star Bonuses in Hearthstone’s Ranking System

Each Rank consists of three stars, and players need to collect them to promote from one rank to the other. Each time a player wins they get a star, and each time they are defeated they lose one. However, some mechanics will boost your climb.

Star Bonuses and Win Streaks

Depending on their last season’s performance, players will get a Star Multiplayer or Star Bonus. This means that instead of winning only one star, they get that amount times their multiplier.

The following table explains the different Star Bonus or Multipliers Hearthstone’s Ranking System awards depending on your previous finish:

Bronze 10
Bronze 5
Silver 10
Silver 5
Gold 10
Gold 5
Platinum 10
Platinum 5
Diamond 10
Diamond 5
High Legend

This chart shows the minimum amount of Bonus Stars players will get for achieving those milestones. However, depending on your winrate, the Hearthstone Ranking System may award you more than just the minimum bonus. 

Hearthstone Bonus Stars
Hearthstone Bonus Stars

Another confusing aspect is the uncertainty of where High Legend starts. High Legend is not defined by a certain Legend Rank and it varies depending on which region and game mode you play. Despite this, there are cases in which players would be able to get the 11x multiplier even without hitting Legend as Chadd "Celestalon" Nerving confirmed.

However, good things don’t last forever, and Star Bonuses are no different. Every time a player surpasses a Rank Floor, their Star Bonus reduces by one. This means that if a player has a 10x multiplier at the beginning of the season, that Bonus will turn to 9x once they hit Bronze 5 and to 8x when they get to Silver, and so on.

Win Streaks

On top of Star Bonuses, the Hearthstone Ranking System awards Win Streak bonuses in which players can double the stars they would normally get. To get this special bonus, players need to win at least three games in a row. The Bonus will continue going on until they lose but can be recovered with other three consecutive wins.

When players win and they have also won their previous two ranked matches for that game mode they will get double the amount of stars their multiplier shows. So if a player gets on a winning streak with a 5x multiplier, they will get 10 stars for that win. If they win the next game, they will get another 10 stars (if their multiplier hasn’t changed).

Seasonal Rewards in Hearthstone Ranking System

Each Hearthstone season lasts one month and runs just like the calendar. Every first month players will get their Seasonal Rewards and they will be as good as their performance on the Ranking System. Rewards include current Expansion Packs, and cards of different rarity. This is one of the best ways for players to improve their card collection.

Hearthstone Seasonal Rewards
Hearthstone Seasonal Rewards

Previously we mentioned that there were three Ranked Systems independent of each other. However, the three of them share the same Hearthstone Rewards. The way it works is that Hearthstone will only take into account the highest rank achieved among the three game modes.

  • Hearthstone Ranking System and Seasonal Rewards Chart (these rewards are cumulative):
Hearthstone Ranking System and Seasonal Rewards
Hearthstone Ranking System and Seasonal Rewards

As you have noticed, on top of the regular monthly rewards, there are also some juicy one-time rewards for the first-time players who reach each of those ranks. Despite the animation showing the chests unluck whenever players reach the indicated threshold, they won’t be able to rip the rewards until the start of the next season.

Furthermore, every player that gets five wins within a season will get that Seasons Card Back. Also, remember that you can always check your Ranked Rewards status before entering battle by clicking on the top right chest by your rank.

This is all for now, stay tuned to esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and guides. See you next time in the Ladder.

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