Are you looking to grab those illusive Brwaliseum portraits? Keep reading as we go over 5 great decks from the first two days of Heroic Brawl!

Hearthstone's Heroic Brawl is back and with it the never ending questions of what deck should you play. Stakes are higher than ever, so you'd better be careful if you don't want to deplete your Gold reserves this week.

If you want information on what the Heroic Brawl is, we have discussed that recently which you can check out here after reading this.

After the most recent Balance Patch, the amount of decks that have managed to resurge has been immense. In this article we will highlight decks from five different players that managed to reach twelve wins in Heroic Brawl. If you are looking for more decklists that have managed to cross the twelve wins, Ahirun has them on Twitter!

Rusinho's 12-win Heroic Brawl Frost Death Knight deck

Despite the recent light nerf to Glacial Advance, triple Frost Death Knight Control is as potent as ever. The Spanish player Rusinho secured his twelve wins with the decklist you see below.

<em>Rusinho Heroic Brawl deck - 2023</em>
Rusinho Heroic Brawl deck - 2023


This deck has two gameplans it typically adopts depending on the matchup.

  1. Establish an early board through minions such as Irondeep Trogg or Vicious Slitherspear. Then snowball it into the more lethal late-game cards such as Frostwyrm's Fury.
  2. Slow the game down using Freeze effects such as Howling Blast and Frostwyrm's Fury to prevent minion pressure. Simultaneously setting up for burst damage turns utilising cards such as Glacial Advance for lethal damage.

Additional card draw options like Harbringer of Winter and Overseer Frigidara ensure the deck draws burst damage in each game. Give this deck a go if you're looking to try out the Death Knight class for the first time!

Renethal Ramp Druid by Jambre

Jambre is well known for his often extremely creative ways on refining standard decks or straight up creating new ones. For this Heroic Tavern Brawl he has revisited an old classic deck of his: Ramp Druid, but with a twist: two copies of Silvermoon Sentinel. An early game taunt minion that can become an incredible obstacle for aggro decks to deal with in the late-game.

<em>Jambre Heroic Brawl - 2023</em>
Jambre Heroic Brawl - 2023


Ramp Druid is a Classic Hearthstone Strategy, and the gameplan is the same as it has always been.

  1. Survive the early game; use Ramp cards such as Wild Growth and Nourish to gain additional mana crystals.
  2. Stabilise the mid-game utilising cards such as Scale of Onyxia or Underking to clear the board.
  3. Pull off combo turns with Brann Bronzebeard and Anub'Rekhan.

Simple, and straightforward. If you have a ton of legendaries in the collection, give this deck a go. If you're playing Heroic Brawl on a budget, we wouldn't recommend this deck on account of the dust it will consume.

Lunaloveee's 12-win Heroic Brawl Hero Power Mage

Another old classic brought back after the recent balance changes, Luna secured her Twelve Win Run utilising Hero Power Mage.

<em>Lunaloveee Heroic Brawl - 2023</em>
Lunaloveee Heroic Brawl - 2023

Deck Code: AAECAf0EBNjsA53uA6CKBKneBA3U6gPS7APT7APW7AOogQSfkgShkgT8ngTK3gTb3gSCkwWEkwWrmAUA

Like Ramp Druid, this deck has seen a ton of play ever since Majister Dawngrasp was introduced. The new addition to this list is Arcane Wyrm which allow the deck a way to give Multicasters additional card draw later in the game. As far as gameplans go:

  1. Upgrade your hero power early using Wildfire and Commander Sivara. While controlling the board through Skeletons created by Nightcloak Sanctum and Cold Case.
  2. Incrementally deal more damage with Reckless Apprentice and Majister Dawngrasp. Closing out the game with the finisher of Mordresh Fire Eye.

It will be important to ensure that you time your two copies of Solid Alibi to prevent lethal damage. If you're looking to chill out and click some buttons, this deck is a solid pick for the Heroic Brawl!

Pure Aggro Paladin by Hunterace

Former World Champion Hunterace has shone back into the limelight with a twelve win Heroic Brawl Performance using Pure Paladin. The addition of interest in this list compared to typical builds is the two copies of For Quel'Thalas! A two mana spell that can provide this Paladin deck with the reach it often needs to close out games.

<em>Hunterace Heroic Brawl - 2023</em>
Hunterace Heroic Brawl - 2023

A/N: The list Hunterace posted on Twitter is using Buffet Biggun instead of Shimmering Starfish.


In pure Aggro fashion this deck is designed to close games out as quickly as possible. To do that it will produce minions with statlines difficult for the opponent to deal with early in the game.

  1. It starts off with minions being buffed by cards like Alliance Bannerman to produce the early pressure required to force responses from the opponent.
  2. After which, using Order in the Court, they summon zero mana Lightrays alongside other tempo swings including The Countess.

Despite the high dust cost advertised in the list here, many of the cards are replaceable on a budget. Cards such as Cariel Roame are nice to have, but not necessary for the deck to succeed. Therefore we advocate playing this if you're looking for a budget option to carry you into the Heroic Brawliseum!

Sister Svalna Control Priest by Languagehacker

The final deck we have to cover for today is the Control Priest build brought by Americas Grandmaster Languagehacker for their Heroic Brawl Gameplay! A deck which he used to finish at Legend #16 in the January Ladder Season.

<em>Languagehacker Heroic Brawl - 2023</em>
Languagehacker Heroic Brawl - 2023

Deck Code: AAECAa0GBprrA9TtA4WfBPCfBLjcBO+RBQyZ6wOH9wOMgQStigTLoASKowSitgT10wT52wT28QSkkQXqlAUA

Unlike older builds of Control Priest which have often been decried as 'too boring to play', this variant requires a significant amount of game inputs from the player to be performed correctly. This is due to Sister Svalna granting the player a theoretically bottomless resource of Priest spells to use during a turn.

You first aim to play a Radiant Elemental at some point early in the game to be ressurected through Animate Dead; drop the Sister Svalna on Turn 6, and stabilise the early-game however you can. Once done you can then perform the following combo:

  1. Play the second Radiant Elemental onto the board. With this reducing your spells by one mana you then drop one or both copies of Animate Dead to bring back two more Elementals.
  2. Now that multiple Elementals are on the board, proceed to cast 'Vision of Darkness' and go to town until the turn timer runs out.

Through this process you ideally aim for having a board as annoying as possible for the opponent to deal with. Hoarding additional copies of Animate Dead is essential for repeating the combo at length until your opponent gives up. If you have a eye for detail and patience to match, this is the deck for you!

What deck should I choose to play?

There are several other decks that are performing well that we haven't touched upon today. Our recommendation would be to play whatever you feel you perform the best on, and just have fun!

Stay safe in the Tavern, friends and good luck securing that hoard of gold in the Heroic Brawliseum!! Be sure to check back here at for extra knowledge to help your Hearthstone gameplay!

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