5 Hearthstone decks to rule the ladder in February up to Legend! cover image

5 Hearthstone decks to rule the ladder in February up to Legend!

A new Hearthstone season has begun, and Esports.gg brings you 5 decks to climb the ladder and get to legend!

A new Hearthstone season begins today and, in Esports.gg, we want to present you with 5 different deck options for you to start climbing. These decks have different playstyles, so you would be able to spam one regardless of the way you like playing Hearthstone.

Moreover, the decks have been proven successful by different streamers and pro players. With no further ado, let's start with this guide.

Legendary Hearthstone Decks

First and foremost, to climb in ladder and ultimately get to legend, you need to find a deck that pleases you and then give yourself time to learn how to squeeze the most wins out of it. This being said, no matter how good a driver are you, you'll never win a Nascar race with a bike. In Hearthstone is the same, some decks perform better than others.

Meati's Legend #5 Aggro Mage

The Meatman pulled a great finish on the back of the already popular aggressive Mage. This Hearthstone deck follows check's all the boxes of an aggressive archetype. It has a low curve with early pressure, sinks some chip damage during the initial turns, and on top of that, has a ton of burn in the form of Frozen Touch (pun not intended) and Arcane Bolts.

The damage "from hand potential" in this deck spikes with Aegwynn and Sivara. If you are facing a slow opponent, you might want to pay special attention to those cards and the never-ending chain of Frozen Touches.

PS: It also has the potential to drive the Meatman crazy!

Aggro Mage Hearthstone Deck
Aggro Mage Hearthstone Deck

Aggro Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EBIvnA5egBKneBOKkBQ3U6gPS7AOfkgShkgThpATa0ATb3gT67ASCkwWEkwXFkwWqmAWrmAUA

Casie's Legend #3 Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck

Rogue is dominating the meta, doesn't matter when you read this. It was true in December and it is still true after two rounds of nerfs. Casie, a Rogue expert and former Hearthstone Grandmasters, piloted the deck to #3 Legend, proving that some things never change!

Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck Code: AAECAaIHBs75A+2ABPbdBMygBeigBeKkBQy9gAT2nwT3nwS3swT03QT13QT87QTBgwXdoAXfoAXgoAXBoQUA

While the deck's powerlevel is still high, every Hearthstone player knows that Rogue is not easy to pilot. You need to set up your pop-off turns and not die trying. Then, your sequencing must be top-notch and you will need to get used to the idea of always evaluating your draw/topdeck outs for the deck to truly shine.

Svalna Priest

If you don't want to limit yourself to just playing one deck, this next archetype might fit you. Svalna Priest is a deck that allows you to play with as many cards as you can discover. Thanks to the new Priest Legendary and the Vision of Darkness it creates, the rope is the only limit.

While this deck only shines against Paladins, Rogues and other Priests, if you are facing those, it might be a suitable option to climb the Hearthstone ladder. Furthermore, it can create board states like this one:

Svalna Prieset Deck
Svalna Prieset Deck

Svalna Priest Deck Code: AAECAa0GAtTtA++RBQ6Z6wOH9wOMgQStigTwnwTLoASKowSitgT10wT52wS43AT28QSkkQXqlAUA

Disclaimer: APM intensive deck

BabyBear #34 Legend Unholy Death Knight Hearthstone Deck

If you are a fan of the latest Hearthstone class, the following deck might be for you. BabyBear piloted this Unholy aggressive Death Knight to Top 50 legend, demonstrating that it can rise from the dead.

Unholy Death Knight Hearthstone Deck Code: AAECAfHhBAL47ATNpQUO9PYDlrcEssEE8OMEkeQEkuQEvPAEhfYEsvcEkpMFopkFrqEFhaoF4sUFAA==

Aggro decks will never die, and if they do, they'll live a corpse behind for you to take advantage of the new Death Knight synergies. It is possible that you might fall behind on board, in that case, Lord Marrower can help you flood the board again for the final blow.

Lunaloveee #23 Legend Ping Mage Deck

We couldn't end this section without including a deck from the 3-times Hearthstone World Championship attendee Lunaloveee. Ping Mage seems to be keeping up with the best decks in Hearthstone. This Mage isn't super straightforward, you need to use wisely your defensive tools to survive until your lethal Blow

Fortunately, Lunaloveee uploaded a video guide with gameplay and explanations for you to use this deck to its full potential.

Ping Mage Hearthstone Deck
Ping Mage Hearthstone Deck

Ping Mage Hearthstone Deck Code: AAECAaXDAwTY7AOd7gOgigSp3gQN1OoD0uwD0+wD1uwDqIEEn5IEoZIE/J4Eyt4E294EgpMFhJMFq5gFAA==

Final considerations

As we have already mentioned, you can climb with almost any deck, so make sure you choose one you enjoy. Take into consideration that the meta you might be facing could be different from the one these players were against, and that affects winrates.

Have an open mind about what to play and the capacity to adapt. Build experience and have a clear idea of your deck's strengths and weaknesses. These Hearthstone concepts will help you as much as the decks featured above.

Last but not least, I want to disclaim that the name these decks are labeled under corresponds to the pilot who reached those ranks, not the creator.

That's all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern.